Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama Attend Beyonce Concert

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Michelle Obama was with the single ladies during the weekend: her daughters.

The First Lady of the United States attended a Beyonce concert in Atlantic City, N.J., with Sasha and Malia by her side for the show at Revel Resorts.

Beyonce performed two dozen songs Saturday, reports said. Michelle and the two girls appeared excited throughout the concert, cheering Beyonce on.

Sasha and Malia even sang along to the old school-sounding jam "Love on Top."

Obama Girls

Michelle and Beyonce seem to be building quite the rapport of late: MTV says the two have been exchanging letters for the past few months.

Michelle Obama told People last week that if she could be any other person in the world, she'd be Beyoncé "because it looks like musicians have the most fun."

Obama's new book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, hits stores Tuesday.

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@ernie... you are an ignorant, unlearned and miserable soul who needs to read a book.


@ O- Obama has done nothing more that divide people with his Class Warfare. He comes on the scene- rambling about Police Brutality on the Harvard Professor case before the facts were even in. I have never seen a president that has tried his best to strip America of its constitution and it's beleifs. Who is this guy you think so highly of? What is he all about? He cant give a straight answer to anything! He stands there- straightens his crown and talks about making things so equal. Talks about raising taxes on the rich while his daddy " Warren Buffet" owes 1billion in back taxes. Bush? Bush was in office for less than a year when 9/11 took place. Would you have rather him wait till the Liberty Bell has a middle dropped on it till he went to war? 97% of Black America voted for this guy no one knew. Yet you can't find 3 in a room that can agree on anything! What's up with that?


Seth, never been a refugee a day in my life. I am well aware of what the aftermath of Katrina was and the effects that continue to be. The GAO said Bush received a surplus budget, but squandered it with the "war on terror" that was based on lies. Couldn't even get the target. So please. Now you are mad because people don't have jobs? If you have education, a skill, and ingenuity, do what I did... start your own business. I did... and it is thriving. Now what?


Maddy... check your first post dear. In your effort to be right, you typed $500MM. I already knew what the correct figure was. And my handle is what it is because my last name also begins with "O". Not at a denoting race... and by the way, I was educated at Villanova where my working parent footed my education, with the exception of the school loans that I'm repaying. Oh yeah, and check yourself. Your ignorance is showing.


KATRINA? Oh boy- we have a refugee in our House? Does the name FEMA mean anything! How about Houston? Remember the violence in that city when Katrina came to town? You can take that Bush BS somewhere else. Let me give you a clue- Some of us are not weak minded whites! You will know us when you see us- we will vote Republican. If I was a President or a 1st Lady I would be embarrassed to be caught spending a dime of Taxpayer money at this time!


@ A Different- I'm not your "Roomy" at Grambling or of the likes! Its not propaganda - IT'S Fact! 500K including plane Hotel - everything! Have you been in a Coma?


Obama's wife? Maybe this could be the " 2ND TIME" she is proud of her Country. Him & Her are lucky to be in office to begin with. Maybe your " CornRolls" are to tight for some of you. Next thing you'll be scrwaming Racism or the Klan? This guy doesnt have a clue as how to Govern People. His approval rating is dropping like a " Turd N A Well" and rightfully so. At some time or another you have actually do something instead of talking around it! As far as her vacations- Doesn't surprise me a bit! What else would you expect from a group so unattached from what's going on in this country. All I know is- I'm not impressed with her " Poilshed Makeover" and he is not a leader by any means!


Why are you so angry because the 1st lady took.her kids to a concert.. Not to be mean but you just said u only had a part-time job right so you could have to more time to go find another job. Because you no and as well as everybody els that part-time job was not gone get you no were going to chucky cheese forreal.. You mad @ the wrong person she didn't do anything wrong to you..


Maddy, you need to learn how to wade through the propoganda. NO ONE spends that much on a vacation. Every time a president and/or his family go somewhere, it costs something. I much rather this than knowing Secret Service is around while one of the Bush kids was out getting drunk... Yes I said Crawford. It is well-documented that Bush II took more vacations in the modern-era than any other president. And yes, he dropped the ball DOMESTICALLY *points again at Katrina* AND INTERNATIONALLY *points at Iraq War*. This president, again whether you agree with him or not, takes far less "time off". And the fact that he wants his kids to have a life is great. What good parent doesn't want their kids to have great childhood memories.


@ Theresa- Bush? You've been watching to much CNN. No wonder their ratings are at a 20 year low. I'm guessing Bush would not stand by and watch the slaughter going on in Syria while Laura was off at a Concert? You Liberals- THE BUNCH OF YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN SPECATORS IN THE GAME OF LIFE! ALWAYS WITH A GREAT IDEA BUT NOT A CLUE AS TO HOW TO SET IT TO SAIL! Blaming bunch of worms.

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