Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama Attend Beyonce Concert

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Michelle Obama was with the single ladies during the weekend: her daughters.

The First Lady of the United States attended a Beyonce concert in Atlantic City, N.J., with Sasha and Malia by her side for the show at Revel Resorts.

Beyonce performed two dozen songs Saturday, reports said. Michelle and the two girls appeared excited throughout the concert, cheering Beyonce on.

Sasha and Malia even sang along to the old school-sounding jam "Love on Top."

Obama Girls

Michelle and Beyonce seem to be building quite the rapport of late: MTV says the two have been exchanging letters for the past few months.

Michelle Obama told People last week that if she could be any other person in the world, she'd be Beyoncé "because it looks like musicians have the most fun."

Obama's new book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, hits stores Tuesday.

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True enough


Seth, Obama could not divide this country anymore than it already was divided. I mean RACISM in America has been pacified but never nullified. Let's face it people, American's are only crying now because of the financial hit we're taking. There has never been this much crying in the history of the country. This nasty talk about President Obama is all driven by money. WE ARE A Nation of hypocrites. Many Americans knew they could not afford their house when they bought it and we all know that most Americans can afford to miss a few meals!!!


Ms. "I am from Africa" mind your countries business. Mr. "Surprised Obama wasn't with them" what job you ever worked 24/7 Mrs. "I was wondering" put all of thou trust in the Lord, thy God; not the Republicans or the Democrats. Mr. I live in "Red" state your faith should be in God. Have you seen the polls lately? Obama is still leading whether that is good, bad, or indifferent. Mr. Obama is the President, not God and Bush may not have been the devil, but he left this country in HELL!


You people are totally ridiculous!!!! Michelle has enough of her own money to buy all of us a $100 ticket to a Beyonce concert, not to mention she probably got in free. You people know about as much about the Obama's personal life as you do about mine; you all are such HATEMONGERS and BIGOTS!!! Pray people; just pray!!! PS
What qualifies Beyonce as a WHORE? Were you there?


I'm surprised Barack wasn't with them. He doesn't do too much, maybe he was shooting hoops, or playing golf. ONE TERM ONLY.


I am not from USA,but i come from africa.So what if the Obama girls attended the whore's concert.What does michelle want 2 teach her girls,is it whorelism,sasha fierce the demon,or are they partners in the illuminati


Good point Pally. I absolutely agree w/ you.


I actually like this story. I also took my daughter to a Beyonce concert 2 years ago! Now that my daughter is 16 its much harder to get her to do stuff with me, so glad I took her to her first concert!!! Get that precious time in Michelle, soon your kids wont want to be seen near you. SOB.


It's only natural to be curious about where this hate takes root against the Republican Party. The Liberals don't seem to mind that MO takes these trips or concert in this economy. They don't look at it like it's rubbing it in the American peoples faces. Yet they seem to have an over abundance of resentment towards Republicans that have earned their way in life. They can't stand the thought of not having what others may have. They look at us like a thief in the night that have been given it all and not earned. I think the Liberals want Obama to be the " Bandit" take from the haves and give to the " Have Nots"- Robin Hood! They have justified this in their own mind. Yeah- I think so.


As long as Michelle paid for the tickets with Barack's money, that's all I care about. She still owes us taxpayers for the Spain trip!

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