Michael Phelps to Retire After 2012 Olympics

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Michael Phelps is ready to swim into the sunset.

After winning a total of 16 Olympic medals, including a record eight gold medals in Beijing at the 2008 Summer Olympics, the star says this summer's games will be his last.

Phelps says after the 2012 Olympics in London, he's ready to see what the rest of the world has to offer after devoting virtually his entire life thus far to swimming.

During Sunday's interview on 60 Minutes, his mother, Debbie Phelps, admitted she'd like to see him compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"C'mon Michael just a 50 freestyle," she begged. "I've never been [to Brazil] before."

"We'll go watch," the 26-year-old replied, letting his mom down easy at least. "But once I retire, I'm retiring. I'm done."

Phelps will need to win at least two more medals in London in order to at least tie with the ultimate record holder: Soviet gymnast Larysa Latynina, who has won 18 medals.

We wouldn't recommend betting against him.


The first thing that came into my mind was that he was having a quarrel with his drug dealer or that the drug test that he has taken or will take have to be the same that Marion Jones was taken. She also aced all her tests, and look ma: No medals. In sports today, there is no such thing as super athletes, but super dopes. I would like to know, though, is he getting advice from Lance Armstrong? Follow the money, oops, I mean the syringues.


Geez...to think he's only 26?! He'll EASILY get at least 4-5 more golds i think. This guy's a beast

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