Michael Jackson to Star in New Pepsi Ad Campaign

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Get ready to see Michael Jackson, or at least his likeness, back in action.

Pepsi announced a deal with the late King of Pop's estate that allows the brand to use the music legend's image for its new global marketing push.

What will the new Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial(s) and more entail? Maybe a live action hologram performance, a la Tupac at Coachella?

Michael Jackson, Pepsi

According to the Wall Street Journal, the nature of the promotion will vary by country, but will include a TV ad, special-edition Pepsi cans featuring Jackson's image and chances to download remixes of Michael's biggest hits.

Pepsi's chief creative officer, Brad Jakeman, said the broader Live for Now campaign took 10 months to develop and its aim is to amplify the company's strong ties with popular culture, with Jackson obviously one of its all-time icons.

Jackson first partnered with Pepsi in 1983, but in 1984, his hair caught fire while filming a commercial for the brand, an event that some believe led to his addiction to prescription drugs, which led to myriad problems throughout his life.

What do you think of Pepsi using MJ's image again?


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aww subliminal


michael jackson had a fear of growing old like a lot of us,so he surrounded himself with children,whats wrong in that
people put 2 and 2 together and make 6,he loved everyone not just children,michael was unique,you can never replace him with a look-alike,
let him rest in peace,he made great music and will never be forgotten RIP Michael


for all of the people in this world who love and enjoy music and entertainment,,,let us be grateful to have had michael in our lifetime...his name ....his contribution to this world can never be blemished by those who do not have love for the art of music and dance///my connections to michael jackson need not be revealed but let it be known by all that the 1980s and michaels contribution to the music world will never be matched again in this lifetime//we were there with michael then ///we are there with michael now//congradulations to pepsi cola company and the jackson estate////frank would be very proud and so am i


U people who still believe he's a child molester r idiots. Go look up where the kid from the first case came out two days after Michael died and he said tht it was a lie and his father had made him say all the things he said that left a huge scar on Michael Life and then the kids father then killed himself 4 months later!!! Also Michael was innocent on all charges on the second trial so why don't you stick ur BS where the sun don't shine.


I agree with frances. Maybe it was a mother wanting money with the first molestation charge, but when he gets charged AGAIN by a different kid? C'mon. Common sense folks. If he actually loved ALL kids, then how come little GIRLS never slept in his bed? His gay lovers are coming forward lately too. The man was drug addicted and seriously mentally disturbed! I don't want to see that glorified!


he is the only artist who has largest inter cultural fan following across the globe. well realized MJ's supermacy


Seriously... in honor of a drug addict,not to mention a child molester. Pepsi has reached an all time low. Just the thought, makes me want to stop drinking Pepsi, YUCk!!!


I think its crazy, I agree with Heather, when ur gone ur gone, Im sure they can find some other artist to do this, Start something new, like a new tradition uno, theres alot of hard core fans of his, and this could hurt them alot seeing him on somethig active, itll be like the feeling of him still being alive and realtily hits that hes not, Im just saying do something new and fresh, and im not a hater, some of his music is ok, my husband loves the man


I'm still shocked by is death. Michael will be always for me, a friend... I'm not agree about the Pepsi thing, because is only a push up promotion. How can you make money with someone who you stoped the promotion just because of the reputation???

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