Miami Cannibal Attack: Just the Beginning?

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A terrifying Miami cannibal attack shocked the nation last weekend after a naked homeless man, 31-year-old Rudy Eugene, was found eating the face off 65-year-old victim, Ronald Poppo. A police officer was forced to fatally shoot Eugene.

The story has received tremendous coverage and triggered talk if a zombie apocalypse.

Poppo has amazingly survived the grisly attack by Rudy Eugene but is in critical condition, and reportedly only has his mustache and goatee intact on his face.

Ronald Poppo Mug Shot
Rudy Eugene Mug Shot

Detectives believe Eugene had been high on bath salts, which can become toxic and lead to psychosis if inhaled or injected, rather than used for aromatherapy.

While this is by far the craziest, other incidents around the U.S. this month have led conspiracy theorists to suggest a "zombie apocalypse" is indeed upon us.

In fact, between May 16 and Saturday, look at what happened:

  • On May 16, students and teachers at a Florida high school had to be quarantied after breaking out in a mysterious rash, the Huffington Post reports.
  • On May 21, a Bellwood, Illinois, man was arrested after allegedly biting an 18-year-old woman's cheek, according to
  • On May 23, a Spring Valley, Calif., man was arrested for allegedly biting the tip off of his cousin's nose off, according to NBC San Diego.
  • On May 26, a Florida anesthesiologist allegedly banged his head against the inside of a cop car until he started bleeding following a DUI arrest. He then proceeded to allegedly spit blood in a police officer's face, according to ABC News.

Rudy Eugene's devouring of Ronald Poppo remains by far the most horrifying and gory, but it makes you wonder when the next bizarre incident will occur.


Hey guys yeah he is right be prepared u never know...i would say save money for guns and be prepared for zombie apocalypse it can happen.


There is no proof he was on any bath salt drug,it is a speculation by police other words an assumtion. He went crazy could be drugs but toxoligy reports haven't been released, so saying that this is why he did this is simply inaccurate.


I dont blog! and to read this statements its clear why!! Sad oh sad to see the state of a man and his friends when he eats the face off a person! he's dead and a law suit will soon follow for him being brutalized by the Cops!! Weird world it is indeed! There is hope but oh where oh where could it be?? Not on T.V. not in the Doctors office... Yet Jesus said a house divided would fall and that man clearly disagreed with logic and ate his fellow man! Help us Lord Help us they are beginning to eat poor folks and lost the desire for prayer!!!


People, really. Yes, this is very gross and all, but zombies? What next? Relax, breathe. Yes, this is super gross and I was really sickened when I heard, but it's not a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. The man was high on bath salts. And bath salts have a really bad affect. And it's Miami, anything can happen there (or anywhere else in America for that matter)


Anyone saying that rudy eugene is a zombie is very incompetent I'm sure that man was on a over dose from using bath salts that's why he was naked because bath salts cause an extreme temperature increase and at that his brain was melting from his temperature which caused him to go insane and eat someones face off. Also zombies are things that are dead that came back to life or someone who once was alive then they were reanimated.


I have no doubt in my mind that this is a wake up call. you may think im crazy no im a normal person with 4 children and yes i go to church. I do however read and talk to a lot of people and form my own opinion. My opion may not be favoured but i dont care the population acording to those in power (unoficialy) needs to be culled we are over populated if it cant be done by emitting viruses then other means need to be looked at and tested. I belive this will be done through stratigic means and certain groups will be targetted you make your own asumptions as to which that will be. This is on a mass scale and will apear in all countries in many ways. This is just the beggining mark my words wait and see.


Thank you to the person who clarified that bath salts have nothing to do with the aromatherapy type. Also bad shit happens everyday. All the time...anyone remember Jeffery Dahmer? What amazes me is this mass panic and sensationalism from the media and people who take the Bible literally. The disbelief in mankind saddens me. There is also goodness in the world and maybe if we could focus on that a little more then we would live in a better world.


Read the bible people...( Repent...Repent )


This world is going crazy... a few years back a guy in Canada chopped off another guys head while riding the greyhound... and yes the bus was full of people.


I Really hope everyone knows that the toxicology for Rudy has yet to be done, so for all we know anyone can say anything. "He snorted sugar and watched 7 hours of zombie movies" anything could be true. Wait for real proof of drugs, until then, start making a survival kit.