Madonna Covers Lady Gaga in Concert: A Diss or a Tribute?

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Madonna recently went out of her way to once again not-so-subtly remind everyone that she is, in fact, in a sense, an older version of Lady Gaga.

The queen of pop was performing "Express Yourself" at a rehearsal in Tel Aviv, Israel when she suddenly trotted out a cover of "Born This Way."

Of course, the two tracks blended seamlessly, reviving debate over whether Lady Gaga ripped off Madonna with her 2011 smash hit single.

Although she stayed mum on Gaga's song for some time, Madge eventually referred to it as "reductive" and undoubtedly influenced by her earlier work.

There is no actual feud here, but the whole thing seems to have an air of condescension, as if Madonna is wielding the cover over her head.

Or, on the other hand, is Madonna merely winking at the controversy while celebrating the younger performer and the highest form of flattery?

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Dear Pop Stars, If ever you find that the only way to get attention is to have lyrics and videos that mock other peoples religious faith, you are talentless. Sincerely,
Not a fan


Theres an old 1960s film called All About Eve starring Bette Davis. About a young singer called Eve, who copies an older star and when the older star notices and complains, everyone thinks shes jealous or just crazy. Lady Gaga is Eve from that film. Shes a thief and she counts on people thinking that Madonna (also Grace Jones, Bette Middler, Cher) is just jealous or crazy. Thats why she copies so openly, no hiding.


All you people must be over 40 and have an old attachment to Madonna. You probably never listened to Gaga that you can say she has no talent. That is ridiculous. Why not listen to Speechless, You and I, Marry the Night, Papparazzi. She has revived the music video. Let's see 475,000,000 watched Bad Romance. She has 25,000,000 Twitter followers. As for washed up her 2012 Born this Way tour will be one of the biggest ever. You may not like her music. That's fine. But there is no one as talented as this lady on the scene today. That doesn't take away from anyone else. Adele is terrific as wrell as Florence and the Machine, Maroon 5 and on and on. But for sheer entertainer talent she is in a league of her own. I don't know. I am sure Madonna was great in her day and meant a lot to a lot of people. But that was a long time ago.


The media needs to move on from the Lady Gaga copies Madonna story. All her fans already know that she is not original but they still listen to her. Its a pointless non story.


Yep. Confirmed now. Gaga copied Madonnas song.


Lady Gaga is washed up too. We're on Adele now, remember???? Career span of a copy cat no talent pop star is much shorter now than it used to be.


They sound like the same song here. Manly Gaga definately ripped Mad Madonna off. I cant stand either of these talentless gimmicky clowns but Gaga seems worse for not even being original in her clown act! Plus I still think she was born a man.


Lady Gaga would have had to give permission for the cover. Madonna had her day and she is doing a kind of farewell tour. Good for her. Today is Gaga's day. She is a song writer, performance artist, singer, champion of the the bullied and vulnerable. She is amazing. As Tony Bennett said if they let her alone she will do wonderful art.


Madonna isn't Lady Gaga's idol, she's never said that once so I don't understand why people keep saying she is. Gaga has been influenced by her by she's also been influenced by a whole range of other people like; Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Cyndi Lauper, Davie Bowie, Britney Spears, Marilyn Manson, Queen, etc. Lady Gaga does not want to be Madonna 2.0, she's nothing like Madonna, the only thing people can come up with is that Born This Way sounds like Express Yourself, big woop, a lot of other songs sound like songs from the past. Express Yourself was called a rip off of Respect Yourself back in the day.


That old hag needs to back the fuck off.

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