Madonna Covers Lady Gaga in Concert: A Diss or a Tribute?

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Madonna recently went out of her way to once again not-so-subtly remind everyone that she is, in fact, in a sense, an older version of Lady Gaga.

The queen of pop was performing "Express Yourself" at a rehearsal in Tel Aviv, Israel when she suddenly trotted out a cover of "Born This Way."

Of course, the two tracks blended seamlessly, reviving debate over whether Lady Gaga ripped off Madonna with her 2011 smash hit single.

Although she stayed mum on Gaga's song for some time, Madge eventually referred to it as "reductive" and undoubtedly influenced by her earlier work.

There is no actual feud here, but the whole thing seems to have an air of condescension, as if Madonna is wielding the cover over her head.

Or, on the other hand, is Madonna merely winking at the controversy while celebrating the younger performer and the highest form of flattery?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.


This is crazy. What's with the 26 year olds? Look Lady Gaga gave a concert in South Korea before 40,000. The government at the last minute said that anyone under 18 could not go. Out of 40,000 people they had to refund 285 tickets. So no her fan base is over 18. And how can you compare such a multiple-talented person to wannabes. At Madonna's age she should take the high road, be supportive of younger artists. She is 27 years older than Gaga. Have a little class already. As for her voice listen to any of her solo performances on the piano on you tube, Lisa. Then decide. Half the people commenting don't even seem to know her work. So why all the hate.


This is ironic, considering how a lot of Gaga fans are so quick to diss other female artists for allegedly 'copying' Lady Gaga whenever the artist wears something sexy or edgy. They loved attacking Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry. "Oh, blonde Christina Aguilera is wearing lots of make-up and a pantsless bodysuit, so she MUST be copying Lady Gaga!" (idiots. Christina has been doing the pantsless thing since 2001 and 2002, long before anyone had ever heard of Gaga) "Oh! Katy Perry is wearing something weird, so she MUST be copying Lady Gaga!" And now- not for the first time- Lady Gaga is being accused of 'copying.' Newsflash: fashion-wise, Lady Gaga has 'copied' Madonna, Cher, and Grace Jones many times. So those of you Gaga fans who hate on Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry for 'copying' are hypocrites.


Madonna is not childish, vindictive or on an ego trip, how would you feel if you worked on your music for almost 4 decades and along comes this clown-bitch ripping you off and calling herself original?
I agree Gaga has a lovely voice, so does Christina Aguilera, their big mistake is that they are not original, shamelessly ripping off another artist takes merit away from them.
At least Christina has not offended every single religion in the world like Gaga has, if you think it's cool to offend other people's beliefs then you're as f..ed up as Gaga. that Bitch is going down


I'ld love to meet these 26 year olds who listen to Lady Gaga and actually admit it. The gimmicks are just a major turn off for grown ups. She reminds me of the Spice Girls back in thier day. Granted am older than the other commenter - I'm 28 years and 9 months old. People say she has a strong voice but how can you even tell when the songs are so computer altered?


Why do people still compare Lady Gaga to Madonna? Gaga is just another wannabe in an endless and timeless parade of Madonna wannabes whom will soon fade away just like all the others have, remember Gwen Stefani? who does? Just get it once and for all, Madonna has done it all throughout a decades long career that nobody else will ever come close to have, and she still has the looks that thousands of women in their 20s and 30s whish they had, she is not slowing down any time soon, get over it.


Yes lady gaga did rip off madonna song madonna will always be the queen of pop. The point is Madonna is being a petty childish bitch. She does this everytime she releases a new album it call lets pick on the younger current artist. Yes her new tour will sell massively.she has become generic.her voice and sound is no longer appealing. She refuses to admit that she is old. They had to help her do a cartwheel and can someone tell me why a 53 year old is doing cartwheels. Grow up bitch. Gaga is also a gimmicky reductive bitch but she has a beautiful voice and will still sell out stadiums regardless


Nelly K. Perry is the idol of the tweens. I don't know any 26 year olds that do not like Gaga. Look at the pictures of the BTW Ball. Looks like 18-30 years olds to me. Check out Twickenham Stadium on Sept 8 were she will perform before 80,000 people and count those under 18. Also Nelly these are not stunts. She is a performance artist saying Andy Warhol is a big influence. Check out her first interview back in 2008 with Akon. She has nothing but praise for Madonna in that video and mentions artists she admires. Heather her BTW Ball tour will be one of the biggest ever. I don't see her fading at all, not yet people who just dislike her wish.


Go Gaga Go! Who cares about all the 40 YEAR old queens/haters here and an old hag who try to be relevant by accusing people of ripping her shit. Gaga Is NOT THE QUEEN OF POP!
SHE'S The Goddess of Pop!


Very true Heather. Those stunts may be exciting for her middle school fans but kids dont have cash. If you want to sell you need to be accessible to the over 20s and honestly I cant think of anyone my age (26) who would admit to being a Lady Gaga fan. Shes seen as a kids act. Which is a shame coz Gaga actually has a good voice. If she stopped dressing like a cross-dressing tranny she could have access to Adeles fan base i.e. people with money.


Maybe she took the song a bit too close to Madonnas. But Lady Gaga isnt as big as she was, because crazy clothes etc will only get you so far and thats what she is really recognized for. Thats why in just a few years you dont hear her on the radio as every other song anymore. However, Madonna is classic and has been around a long time. Lady Gaga need to focus on her music and not all the craziness

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