Lindsay Lohan Still Stiffing Tanning Salon Out of $40K Bill

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Good thing Lindsay Lohan's raking in the money these days, because she has a list of creditors longer than Octomom. Okay ... maybe not quite.

Still, when a tanning salon is going you with a vengeance for not paying a judgment for a humongous tanning bill - $40,000 - you've got issues.

It's not just a false claim, either. A Nevada judge ORDERED Lindsay to pay the $40,000 sum to the salon nine months ago. Shocker - she hasn't.

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As a result, the salon is trying to get the matter moved to California, in an attempt to garnish Lindsay's assets to satisfy the legal judgment.

Pathetic. At least Tanning Mom pays for her services.

LiLo racked up the bronzing binge tab at Tanning Vegas from 2007-09. Given the evolution of Lindsay Lohan's face, that was money well spent.

Or not spent, as the case may be. At least not yet.



It's happened before...seeing millions go up your nose and suddenly you are out in the street. Anyone thinking about messing with cocaine have a stiff penalty to pay for this addiction. The tanning 'bill' is but one symptom of diverting money for a bad habit.


degree not needed (at least where I live) but ulalsuy need licences and maybe some classes/certification as an owner regarding safety, cleanliness, ect. try your local chamber of commerce and if there are any salons that offer the service see if you can just ask questions to find out more information regarding what they needed to do, also wouldn't hurt to take a business course if you can as a business owner to know about your books.References :


$40,000 for a tanning salon bill??? To me, this is proof that our economy is EVEN MORE FUCKED UP!!! Ridiculous.


We don't know that it's true. It's so easy to get a judgement on someone. Is business slow right now or what? LOL


Tanning Las Vegas is clearly at fault. What kind of company are they running if they let her tan for what, like 2 years, before charging her. Haha. There is obviously a back story to this. I don't care what the judge ordered. It could have been a default decision. Plus judges love to have her name under their belt (obviously the only way to get her there). Tanning ROCKS!!!


"Great girls" don't stiff companies $40,000 for services they provided her. I do blame the Tanning Mom for not requiring payment up front just as everybody else who tans has to pay. I think most times celebs feel they are above the law in situations such as this. Celebrities feel the establishment should feel priviledged that they use their facilities. As for Lindsay....I feel a tragic end will come to her at a young age, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or tanning (although based on her skin tone I would bet she got $40,000 worth of spray tans). She should just pay the fine then start saving for her next endeavor.


Mrs Rios if you are a tanner just stand by cancer will come and find you and although you feel untouchable right now you will experience an amazing epiphany Think Im wrong go visit a cancer hospital there are plenty of folks that used to have the same attitude,Ignorance is very unbecoming and As for that Lohan girl it will be a race between cancer alcohol or drugs and I really dont care its just an observation!


and exactly how are you related to Lohan, Susan?


For this huge sum of money to go to a tanning salon, why not just buy a bed and tan at home???


What moron racks up a 40,000 tanning bill
pure stupidity.


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