Life's a Tripp: Bristol Palin, Son to Star in New Reality Show

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Lifetime has released the first promo pic for Bristol Palin's upcoming reality series, called "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp." Yes, this is a real story and a real show.

The title is a play on words, natch, because her three-year-old son is named ... Tripp. Is he Tripp Palin or Tripp Johnston? That we don't know honestly.

What's undoubtedly clear? The kid's a dead ringer for his deadbeat dad:

Bristol Palin, Tripp Palin

The show chronicles Bristol and Tripp's journey from Wasilla, Alaska to Los Angeles, Calif., where Bristol accepts a job with a local non-profit organization.

Bristol Palin tells TV Guide of her decision to star on her own reality show:

"I was game for it. I wanted to show how down-to-earth my family and I are. My parents were skeptical at first. But they know I'm responsible."

"I won't be getting drunk on TV. This isn't Jersey Shore. It's a family show."

Okay, there's no way Sarah Palin objected to any publicity for her family. Unless she's just jealous that she's not starring, in which case we'll buy it.

The 14-episode Life's a Tripp premieres June 19 on Lifetime. Spoiler alert: She will not be letting trip watch Glee, as she thinks it makes kids gay.

Wv peach

He's a cutie! I won't watch the show, but had to say what an adorable tyke.


luv the channel .. will not watch it anymore if yu have this palin girl on it! didn,t she have an iiligitemate baby when she was a teenager? did she even finish school? who is she to be on tv? what kind of role model? nope this is one channel I,m done w. but luved the movies, I,ll read first than watch this . I thought we were done w those palin people... another kardasian in the making! kids getting pregnant (not practicing safe sex) r so stupid .. why r they rewarded because of who their mother was. kardasians mother pimped her out & look at all them their 5 min. of fame is up. show us teens who practice safe sex & go to college to be somebody , I think we,re tired of all the sluts


He is gorgeous! He will be getting a lot of offers to do TV and movies I'm sure. As long as she saves the money for him and he enjoys doing it, I don't see the harm. He may not keep those looks either. So many of them (pretty babies)lose it when they get older.


Dang that is one gorgeous kid. (Is it OK to say a white kid is gorgeous or is that racist nowdays?)


"is everyone a kid pimp now adays" LOL!! speaking of "Pimps" why would Bristol name her son after her fathers (Todd) prostitute?


Hey! If they can offer a TV reality show to the Kardashians and Anna Nicole Smith, then Bristol has a right to one as well. With all this animosity from the liberal left toward Bristol? She'll probably have a hit show on her hands! Folks desire to tune into reality TV actresses they love to hate...look at Kim, Kris, Kourtney and Klohe! Good luck, Bristol--I hear in the distance this comforting sound..."cha-ching, cha-ching"!


How sad too think this is how they want to make money. Why do they think people are interested in watching this. Go to school and get a real job. Besides I'll never watch anything palin,its been long enough! All these reality shows seem to be full of self-absorbed people who have no talent or education.


Well just what we needed another reality TV show and of all people Bristol. Sorry but i won't be watching. I hope she is taking off the first week. She has adorable son but don't care what she is doing in here life. She can keep her opinions to herself.


If that's Levi's kid then why did she say in her book that she was praying to God that Levi is NOT the father? Hey Bristol. The phone is ringing. It's Maury Povich!


Oh so now we know why the homophobic screech against Sasha and Malia. And now the victim card by announcing that people wish she were dead. Maybe Bristol's ghost writers, Nancy French and Sarah, can explain to us in her next look-at-me-I-got-a-reality-teevee-show-and-I'm-a-christian-now blog why straight people keep having gay babies. PS Levi should get that DNA test. Bristol's kid looks NOTHING like him.

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