Levi Johnston: Broke, Living With Mom

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Guess his book isn't exactly flying off the shelves.

Levi Johnston, the former fake fiance of Bristol Palin, is penniless and living with his jailbird mom at her home in Alaska, according to a new report.

The father of Tripp has been left broke, sources say, after blowing through an estimated $1 million in earnings on "guns, boats and four-wheelers."

"Levi Johnson hasn't paid child support in nearly two years," a source told the new issue of Us Weekly. "And he has little contact with Tripp."

Bristol Baby Daddy

We're skeptical of this. Not that he's broke, but that he was rich.

If that's true, couldn't he sell some of the stuff back? And how did Levi Johnston earn $1 million in the first place? He was never that famous.

In any case, the 22-year-old recently hit back at claims he is a deadbeat dad, telling Inside Edition: “No, I never will be [a deadbeat dad]."

"I love Tripp more than anything and he is my son but I don't feel like a dad to him. Not by choice, though ... hopefully one day I can be."

That day is coming soon, if not with Bristol.

Levi got Sunny Oglesby pregnant on a hunting excursion. He and his girlfriend are planning on naming their daughter after a gun, Beretta.

You cannot make this stuff up.

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The guy is trash! Never will he amount to anything.
I wish the public would ignore this uneducated idiot and get on with important items of the day.It was the public who made him rich by following his garbage nothing to say or do.
I think it would be good to get him casrated so there will be no more of his kind around.
I am a nurse and I would do it for FREE!


good!!!! serves the little pussy right


He's only 22 for goodness sake! Most people are broke at 22. I bet he's learned his lesson, but it look as though Bristol Palin hasn't judging by her recent misguided outburst.


Poor Levi is so dumb! He needs to learn how to think with the right head.


These are the type of off springs that will lead the way into the 21st Century. Girls who cannot keep their legs closed and the parents that come behind them and clean up their mess. It is to the point where this is the norm- this in itself is not only lowering standards it leaves a terrible example after all is said and done. Young males who will not take responsibilty for their own off spring are the absolute waste of society. Leaving the rest of us to provide for theirs by way of programs. If you wont provide you should go straight to jail and if your female who fell for the loser you should wear a sign that reads I'm an idiot. How long before accountability is insisted upon by this nation?


Well...being broke and currently living with his mom is further proof that Levi's ALLEGED 15 minutes of fame are now O-V-E-R. Oh well.


Where do these people come from oh that's right Alaska. Hey not as bad as that guy with 30 kids and 11
Girlfriends who earns minimum wage just think how many tax dollars are spent on those people.


Both mommies are laughing and howling that this jerk is a jerk after all.


Well, Levi is a handsome guy & it takes 2 people to make a baby. He got fame & defamed by the PALIN Family. They used him to cover up that their daughter with all her "FAMILY VALUES" got knocked-up.
He should really move out of Alaska, go to Hollywood and see what happens. And, I agree with the person who said: "he should make gay porno movies"......there are alot fo guys, str8 & married that do it for the money. From what he showed in that "magazine" he got the looks and the body to go for it all. Levi has the whole "package"


What if these deadbeat Dads were put in jail a period of time? Maybe that would be a wake up call! Sounds like he's got stuff to sell! Hope Bristol takes him to court forcing his hand to sell off his "toys" and gets what she can out of him for Tripp's sake.


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