Les Miserables Trailer: From Broadway to the Big Screen!

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Broadway fans dreamed a dream in time gone by, that one of the most iconic stage productions in history would be properly presented as a musical on the big screen.

And while we need to wait until December 14 to see if the upcoming movie version lives up to expectations, the following debut trailer should give Les Miserables followers far more hope than French peasants possessed in the 19th century.

Its A-list cast includes Amanda Seyfried, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, the latter of whom is featured here belting out a version of the play's most famous song, the same track that Susan Boyle made famous on Britain's Got Talent.

Watch now:


I have read the 1700 page unedited version of les mis. The original London Cast waa incredible.Seeing its Cameron Macentosh (sp) is doimg it, its looking good. I just wonder if they' ll stay close to the book.In the book, Fantine not only sells her hair, but her teeth too. Talk about the human condition.


Sorry to disagree Bob,but Les Mis was looking far from tired,but then again i would say that as i have seen it about 15 times over the years,and although i had my doubts about making it into a film,after watching the trailer,boy,roll on December.


@Meg. Cameron Mackintosh, the producer of Les Miz, credits Susan Boyle as being the first person to ever "own" that song. And whats more with reviving a tired Les Miz, which after 27 years, was faced with weakening box office in various countries.


Susan Boyle didn't make "I Dreamed a Dream" famous... Les Miz did... just saying. That being said, i can't wait!


I'm one of the keen fans and I can't wait for this movie to come out! I have never wanted to see any movie so badly!