Leon Purvis Asks Justin Bieber to Prom, Tells THG Why

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Time is running out for Leon Purvis.

The high school sophomore has made a YouTube video - viewed by over 143,000 people at last check - in which he invites Justin Bieber to his upcoming prom. But the event takes place on June 2 and Leon is yet to hear from the singing superstar.

"I want to take Justin Bieber to my 2012 prom with me as a bro because Justin Bieber deserves to have a normal night to be a normal teen at prom," Purvis tells The Hollywood Gossip in an exclusive interview.

Describing the artist as "raw and real," Purvis says he's followed him since his "YouTube days," long before he took over the music scene.

Leon says in the above video that he planned to ask a girl to also be his date. How did that turn out?

"I walk over to her I say 'Hey I got a couple of my friends to help me spell out PROM? P is for promise you will have a good time. R is for a night you will always remember. O is for a occasion of a life time. M is for memories we will share....'"

Alas, the young lady in question told Purvis she would think about it; he left on a two-week school-sponsored trip; and returned to discover she had agreed to go with someone else. The nerve!

So what can Beliebers do to help get through to Justin? Just spread the word, he says. Spread it to EVERYONE you know.

"That would mean the world to me if they did that," he tells THG.

Come on, Selena Gomez, you can be without your man for one evening, right?

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Honestly we all know that Beiber dating Gomez is just a Hollywood stunt. My gaydare goes off everytime I see Beiber. I say gp to the prom.


I agree with Everyone (except tyasia..sorry) who already commented... This leon 'PERV'is... Whatta fool...lol


haha trying to act like hes not gay... Ohhhh not as my date.... but as a friend. hahaah whatever. and what does he mean i bet justin needs a normal night. hello going to prom with you wont be normal at all. The whole school will be all over him... grow up kid.


i support him 100%.BOOM GOT2BKDDIN"&karlisa


yall need to back off.if he wants justin at his prom then let him want to.GOD there are way more haters then back then these days.


Leon and Justin sittin' in a tree....... (trying to act like Im in 2nd grade)


truely lame get a life


and be real Justin Bieber is a busy man like he will really take his time to go to a prom with a GUY.smh!!!!!!


um no offence but are you sure you don't have a secret crush on him or something? are hiding in the closet?


Dude, You're Lame ! ! !

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