Lady Gaga "Fake Rolex" Tweet Sparks Criticism

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Lady Gaga continues to court controversy on every leg of her Asian tour.

The singer touched down in Bangkok, Thailand and immediately sparked an online uproar Thursday, Tweeting that she wants to go buy a fake Rolex.

The nation is quite sensitive to its seedy underworld - perceived or otherwise - being highlighted by outsiders, so many citizens didn't appreciate the Tweet.

The 26-year-old singer posted upon landing in Thailand:

Lady Gaga, Chanel

"I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready for 50,000 screaming Thai monsters. Today I just wanna get lost in a lady market and buy a fake Rolex."

Good-natured as her intent likely was, this didn't go over well.

"She came to our home, but instead of admiring our culture she insulted us," said a commentator on popular Thai web board

"We are more civilized than you think," tweeted Thai DJ Surahit Siamwalla, who has a ticket to Friday's show but now plans to boycott.

It's also unclear exactly what she meant by "lady market."

Some fans think she was referring to the famous outdoor "Ladies Market" in Hong Kong, where she also toured - and eyed luxury knockoffs - this spring.

"I love this city," she tweeted April 30 after taking a Hong Kong spinning class. "You can work out & buy a fake Birkin on the same street."

Not all Thai fans objected to the off-color comment, of course. A mob greeted Lady Gaga at the airport and 50,000 strong are expected to see her live.

It's also less controversy than earlier this week, when she received death threats in the Philippines ... just for showing up. As Planet Gaga turns ...



People need to relax, if everyone knows that some parts of asia sell knock offs, its not a big deal so do parts of america, italy and everywhere else. Thialand isn't the only place that has citizens selling fakes. Gaga said that about new york too in 08 you didn't see a bunch of new yorkers throwing a fit about it. SO its a big deal when its your home town? Seriously? Grow a pair and get over it.


Am nt a thai bt i tink she allwd her mouth 2 rule her a guest she shld bhave wel n not b insultin evn if its tru


I love Lady GaGa. Eat some jelly beans if you are unhappy. Don't take it out on GaGa. There should be some fake jelly beans at a market near you. ;)


wot can i say she'z got a point. jst tell me 1 thing that is genuine en its frm Thailand


She was just kidding. As for imbarrassing America, some American's are far more imbarrassing than her,it is an Election Year You clown have lived up to your name. If you do not like her do not go to her concert's do not start dishing out rude comment's so you think you look good. Look in the mirror Is that the Portiat Of Dorian Gray I see?? Look it up if you do not know the movie. Lenett Morgan Waite


she has an opinion. Good for her.


Pure trash. Thanks for embarrassing America - AGAIN!

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