Lady Gaga Does Not Believe in Divorce

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Lady Gaga, who just broke up with Taylor Kinney, says that when she does decide to get married, it will be for good. Divorce is not an option.

Though she's been known to shock with her outlandish outfits and raunchy stage shows, the Born This Way singer insists marriage is for life.

On The Conversation With Amanda De Cadenet (so much for that self-imposed media blackout) which aired in the US last week, she said:

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"My grandmother... was married to my grandfather for 60 years. My parents are still together, 30 years. Divorce is not an option for me."

"It's like, 'I'm gonna get married and that's it. He's stuck with me'."

The star explained that her mother and father had "stuck it out" through tough times and she plans to work just as hard on her own marriage.

"I want to eventually find a man that feels the same way - about divorce not being an option," she said. "Working through everything together, even if it's the hardest thing you've ever been through, you just stick it out."

The rumored hermaphrodite and unquestioned superstar also admitted recently that she finds love "terrifying." She's nothing if not up front.


Maybe she can date and
marry one of her monsters.


@icyndicy...couldn't agree w ya more! Cannot effing take this bitch seriously at all! How can you when she dresses up in raw steak (for gosh sakes) like a psycho 'look-at-me' attention seeker? I think that (s)he's mentally unhealthy, IMO


How come she's not entitled to her own opinion and her own way of life. She said "for me". So everyone's all up in arms about gay marriage and here's someone who's talking about lasting hetero marriage and she's still taking shit for it?


To ICYNDICEY, how in the world are her comments about Katy Perry? You sound like a KP stan. Gaga was on a show about women, talking to them about things like life, love, marriage, and babies. This has nothing to do with Katy Perry (not to mention that Gaga has said similar things in past interviews).


I agree with her 100% When you're married to someone I believe that if you ever really loved them, stick with them through thick and thin. Love you GaGa


Oh God...spoken like a true 26 year old with absolutely no life experience whatsoever...except her insulated rich girl upbringing, and her insulated bubble she lives in now. Call me in 10 years honey when the real world kicks your ass right in. This woman is so fu**ed up in the head and such an egomaniac...I guarantee she will have at least 3 divorces. The ONLY reason why she is saying this now is to make a jibe at Katy Perry. Everyone knows they hate each others guts. Got news for ya GaGa...Perry is winning. You're on your way out, hun!


I am proud of her she stands up for truth. I do not believe in divorce and I have been married for 27 years. Love ya, Gaga


Even for Lady Gaga, it's a surprise to me that she is not a fan of divorce. Given for facts that most of these celebrities divorce everyday.
That a nice decision she has made, even in good or bad times, sticking to her future husband.


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