Lady Gaga: Banned in Indonesia!

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Indonesia's Little Monsters, revolt!

Lady Gaga, who is scheduled to perform in Jakarta next month, has just been banned by the nation following protests from hardline Islamic critics.

The concert drew vehement opposition from many in the world's most populous Muslim nation, due to her controversial persona and racy getups.

A spokesman for the Indonesian national police has confirmed that the singer has been denied a permit for her June 3 show, thus negging the show.

Lady Gaga's Rainbow Hair

It would have been the biggest stop on her Asian tour, having been set to take place at the 52,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta.

The Islamic Defenders Front trashed the global pop superstar for her "Satanic lyrics" that threaten to "destroy the children's sense of morality."

Other protesters, equally enraged, even vowed to physically block the singer from setting foot on Indonesian soil if the show wasn't cancelled.

Local law enforcement reportedly requested that the permit be denied after fearing that officers wouldn't able to contain a massive on-site protest.

Earlier this spring, Gaga's tour drew protests from South Korean Christian groups decrying that her "pornographic" performances promoted homosexuality.

No word if the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors also make the protesters uneasy, or if they're even allowed to read such things on the Internet.



Let us respect the decision of the people of indonesia if they banned gaga to have a concert in their country. Lady gaga is not the type of person to be idolized. She already gave her soul to the satanic goat!! And her purpose was to promote homosexuality and pornography. I think that the end of the world is near because all the people are becoming sinful.


Fuck those people in Indonesia...If Lady Gaga got banned from performing in Indonesia...then better yet...if I were Lady Gaga...I would never go to Indonesia again...stay away from that country...if those stupid people don't like the way Lady Gaga dresses on stage...then there is something wrong with these stupid people.


3. I'm sure Gaga's concert will not be cancelled, it's just a matter of security, the concert will probably be postponed or moved to another (safer) place. And if it's really canceled, it's probably been agreed based on moral issue NOT ONLY by islam, but also by other religions like Christian, Buddha, Hindu, etc ... here we have Inter-Religious group that has more power in society.


Lady Gaga was a nice person from the start of her career until she claims that she worships satan and started writing weird lyrics. Come on people, who are we kidding here?? A lot of well-known evangelists and preachers in america have preached that satan is coming through music to destroy our youths, and sad to say adults as well. I don't hate Gaga but I feel for her soul, coz at the end of the day, the Almighty God reigns and whoever that follows will reign with him. Come on christians, let's pray for these lost souls, not condemning them, so that they will come to christ before its too late..heaven is real and hell is real.. God bless.


for me, gaga should be banned on all countries because she is a bad influence to the youth and her songs were not beautiful to hear. she is like a fucking crazy girl promoting homosexuality and pornography. boo gaga ! get lost !


Obama's people didn't like, Gaga. He likes her, I'm glad he is a modern Muslim. Not glad, that he is destroying my country. Romney in 2012.


It's amazing to me how a " little Fart" 19 year old ( BLAIZE) can sit there and try and tell me a damn thing about life when in reality all she knows about life is what she has read! You are an uneducated idiot Blaize! You love to rattle shot off like you were there when it happened- whatever " IT" maybe. You have to be black- with your Slavery Bullshit! No Thread is complete without you trying to DEFINE what Christianity is supposed to be! You are the worst kind of stupid! We are sick of attention getting people-GAGA? I don't give 2 shits about GAGA! I ESPECIALLY DON'T LIKE HER MOUTH OPEN UNLESS IT'S TO SING! What makes entertainers BELEIVE that anyone wants to her their opinion on a damn thing! I will not change "BLAZE IN A HAZE" and you will continue to hear others say to you- you have nothing to offer BLAIZE- YOU HAVE NO LIFE EXPERIENCE!


@Blaize I think you liberals need to step back for a minute and take a deep breath. It's like you're just sitting there shaking your finger thinking you have the right to dictate values to us just as you accuse us of doing. I mean, this country was founded on Christianity. You know that already. Of course, some don't abide by that. That's fine, but just remember we who disagree with your view will continue to do so. And I'm sure you'll continue your little mini-lectures touting the liberal agenda you so faithfully embrace. Liberals have tried to turn this society around to their way of thinking just like you've accused Christians of doing so. Thus, what we have goin' here is a a perpetual tug of war. Suppose then it's probably best we just agree to disagree because neither are going to make converts out of the other.


more than 50000 of indonesia's "little monsters" have lost their chance to see "mother monsters"... what a poor monters... lol...


(continued. Something weird happened with my comment) ...that their morals and standards don't match YOURS. As for the banning, it's really not all that surprising. The culture of the Muslims/Islam is known for their rabid repression.


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