Lady Gaga: Banned in Indonesia!

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Indonesia's Little Monsters, revolt!

Lady Gaga, who is scheduled to perform in Jakarta next month, has just been banned by the nation following protests from hardline Islamic critics.

The concert drew vehement opposition from many in the world's most populous Muslim nation, due to her controversial persona and racy getups.

A spokesman for the Indonesian national police has confirmed that the singer has been denied a permit for her June 3 show, thus negging the show.

Lady Gaga's Rainbow Hair

It would have been the biggest stop on her Asian tour, having been set to take place at the 52,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta.

The Islamic Defenders Front trashed the global pop superstar for her "Satanic lyrics" that threaten to "destroy the children's sense of morality."

Other protesters, equally enraged, even vowed to physically block the singer from setting foot on Indonesian soil if the show wasn't cancelled.

Local law enforcement reportedly requested that the permit be denied after fearing that officers wouldn't able to contain a massive on-site protest.

Earlier this spring, Gaga's tour drew protests from South Korean Christian groups decrying that her "pornographic" performances promoted homosexuality.

No word if the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors also make the protesters uneasy, or if they're even allowed to read such things on the Internet.


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I'm Indonesian and I can't help but feeling very very ashamed of how my country always bow down to these loathsome extremists... Ruining morality they said? How many people have been reported to be 'brainwashed' by Gaga's lyrics? On the other hand, how many cases of assault, murder, and vandalism have these people commit in the past few years? How many churches have they destroyed? Who's immoral now?


Ironically, I remember another musician who was banned from a lot of places because of fears of being immoral, pornographic in dress and moves, and would destroy the purity of our children and our Christian values. His name was Elvis. I bet the people screaming against Lady Gaga have a few of his songs on a record somewhere. Oh, the hypocrisy!


there's 10% Christian in indonesia. n Jesus is increasing with his power! amen!


I wonder why Indonesian performers are not invited to America?


For the record it is the National Police in Indonesia that are refusing to allow the permit for the concert. The Indonesian government is still working to bring the promoter together with the National Police to negotiate a permit.


Im indonesian and i dont hate gaga.. i love indonesia but i dont love the goverment..


Their loss. Lady Gaga is a very king hearted person and she is not de-moralizing anyone. Freedom to express is a right so she can write ANYTHING she wants. It's good if her tour get cancelled at Indonesia. I wish she never steps a foot at that place. Lady Gaga continue your giving of love. And she is not satanic and she didn't sell her "Soul" to the "Satanic Goat" ohh please!


Her hair looks cool in that photo!...hope she gets banned in Florida


I proud to be moslem and be indonesian....!
Hey i hate Lady gagaL.....
I hope Lady gagaL did not come to my country, i prefer watching an old puppet show....!
Indonesia YES....
Lady Gagal Minggat Lo...


I prod to be moslem and be indonesian....!
Hey i hate Lady gagaL.....
Lady gagaL dont come to my country, i prefer watching an old puppet show....!
Indonesia YES....
Lady Gagal Minggat Lo...