Lady Gaga: Banned in Indonesia!

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Indonesia's Little Monsters, revolt!

Lady Gaga, who is scheduled to perform in Jakarta next month, has just been banned by the nation following protests from hardline Islamic critics.

The concert drew vehement opposition from many in the world's most populous Muslim nation, due to her controversial persona and racy getups.

A spokesman for the Indonesian national police has confirmed that the singer has been denied a permit for her June 3 show, thus negging the show.

Lady Gaga's Rainbow Hair

It would have been the biggest stop on her Asian tour, having been set to take place at the 52,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta.

The Islamic Defenders Front trashed the global pop superstar for her "Satanic lyrics" that threaten to "destroy the children's sense of morality."

Other protesters, equally enraged, even vowed to physically block the singer from setting foot on Indonesian soil if the show wasn't cancelled.

Local law enforcement reportedly requested that the permit be denied after fearing that officers wouldn't able to contain a massive on-site protest.

Earlier this spring, Gaga's tour drew protests from South Korean Christian groups decrying that her "pornographic" performances promoted homosexuality.

No word if the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors also make the protesters uneasy, or if they're even allowed to read such things on the Internet.









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Amen, its about time someone stands up for whats rite, I cant believe how much immorality is allowed to go on in my country "America" I am so tired of the evil ways, it makes me sick...this evil woman is 100% taking over young ppls minds, she dont have control over them you say, shes done nothing ect? she claims she got her "talent from the dark side" she speaks of demonic bc of ignorant parents who allow their young kids to be taken over by satan, now they are all becoming evil, they wanna be just like lady gaga weather it be how she dresses, talks, the evil things shes involved in, her tattoo's including the 666...yeah I pray the power of the lord shuts her down an she cant perform anywhere as for the rest of the evil media....One day an one day soon, ALL eyes will see and all tongues will confess the Jesus is Lord but for many it will be to late,


When I went to her concert a coplue weeks ago, I also had floor tickets. I got there really early and was one of the first people to get there, and I was all the way against the catwalk. I would go straight after school if you can.


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Thank to god the concert is canceled at last.


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