Kylie Minogue, 43, Strips Down For "Timebomb" Music Video

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In a word: Dizzzamn!

Kylie Minogue is 43 years old (and actually turns 44 Monday) but you'd never know it based on the way she dances and dresses in her music video for "Timebomb."

It's been released as part of the celebration for this Australian's 25th year in the music business and, in it, Kylie dons what very few people would actually refer to as a "dress."

Kylie Minogue Music Video Still

What do you think of Minogue in this outfit?

Look for Minogue to perform "Timebomb" live on the British version of The Voice on May 27 and to include it on her upcoming greatest hits album, due out on June 19 in the U.S.

Watch the full-length, HOT video below.


She looks gorgeous.


Kylie looks amazing in that outfit. She's such a gorgeous sexpot. How can anyone vote not hot. Jealously pre-haps.


um love Kylie as well but William Baker has been ripping off Madge for years and years. e.g the laehter male horses pictured above pulling Kylies chariot are copied almost exactly from the opening of Madonna's Confession's Tour in 2006 etc etc etc but I suppose it all goes around Madge vs Kyles vs Gaga and sadly the ones getting ripped off are probably the drags / alternative communities from around the world -


Hppy birthday.


Kylie looks stunning. Love Timebomb. ot goes off!

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