Kristen Wiig Says Goodbye to Saturday Night Live in Tearful "Graduation"

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Kristen Wiig got a musical sendoff on the season finale of Saturday Night Live.

The popular cast member is leaving the show after seven years, and in her final skit, guest host Mick Jagger played the principal at a high school graduation and brought up Wiig, in cap and gown, as "one particular student who is leaving this summer."

The symbolism? Not subtle. The emotions? Running high.

She danced in turn with Jagger, cast members and executive producer Lorne Michaels to the tune of the Rolling Stones classic "She's a Rainbow."

The ensemble then sang sang another Stones hit, "Ruby Tuesday," with its line, "still I'm gonna miss you." Wiig appeared to be holding back tears.

Wiig's departure, while widely expected - her hit film Bridesmaids was just the start of a promising movie career - is still a tough blow for the show.

Her limitless range on SNL brought us attention-seeker Penelope, Kat (half of the musical duo Garth and Kat), the Target woman and other oddballs.

Real-life notables she played include Bjork, Kathie Lee Gifford, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and most recently, Tanning Mom.


Melissa McCarthy could barely catch her braeth walking out on stage and that salad dressing sketch has been done 1000 different ways in comedy sketches over the last 50 years.. and probably in vaudeville for decades before that. The Chris Rock parody was kinda funny but the show was pretty thin on comedy. It's been quite awhile since the show generated genuine laughs. I am getting older but rather than a comfortable old friend, the show just feels painfully dated.


Boooo...she is one the best on SNL