Kris Jenner Slams, Promotes Tabloid Label of "Monster Mom"

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Kris Jenner is simply incensed that a new tabloid cover screams that the Kardashian sisters are all DITCHING THEIR MONSTER MOM. Just how enraged is the family matriarch over this claim?

She's posted a photo of the cover in question on her personal website. That won't drive sales or mask the obvious relationship Kris has with In Touch Weekly or anything!

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kover

The story alleges that Jenner threw a party in NYC late last month in order to celebrate the clan's $40 million deal with E!, but Khloe left early, Kim skipped the event and Kris "started a fight with [Kourtney] about how she was raising her son... Kourtney was telling her to mind her own business. She said Khloé was right about how controlling Kris is.”

Blah, blah, blah. The details aren't exactly vital, considering they were conjured up by both the magazine and the Kardashians. But in case you need to be reminded about how tight-knit mother and daughters are:

"I never threw a party anywhere on April 22nd," Jenner blogged today. "I have an amazing relationship and I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to spend such quality time with all my kids and my grandson! We are truly blessed!!!"

No they aren't. Not by any God we choose to believe in.


They are the most nasty and hateful people.And i don't know why they even call them self a family they don't know what the word means and the people that watch them must have a very boring life because these people suck.And they have the most trashie mouths and them girls have been road more the the horse's at the race track....


No K fan, especially Mama K - but In Touch and Star magazines are two of the worthless rags that will post anything to make a sale to the ignorant and uneducated. Don't believe it? Just follow their headlines for a few months and notice how many are wrong. The job I have forces me to have magazines in my face all day long. That makes it easy for me to see which ones are near the truth and which never are.


Kris Jenner is nothing but an IMAGE HUNGRY HO!!!!! No wonder Bruce looks so me, it looks like years of marriage to Kris have taken a toll on him. Most of all, I can only imagine how BOTH Kendall and Kylie are gonna turn out once they are grown up. LOL!!!!!


I would rather watch paint dry then the Kardashians!! Thank you Kris for getting out before you lost your mind!!! I lost whatever respect I had left when Kim chose not to take her husbands name. Should have seen the red flag flying there! I know Khloe and Lamar had a quick dateing/engagement but at least she took his name and is still going strong. Im shocked that Kris hasnt made the little Jenners change to Kardashians!


realy dont like them. They are such hypocrites. Khloe bullies Kim and now she is part of an anti-bully campaign. They all treated kris humphries so bad cos he had the balls to tell them all the truth ie. THEY ARE AN EVIL IMMORAL FAMILY.


This is all a PR stunt to get people to watch their shows. I refuse to watch their crappy shows anymore and hope others will do the same. That is the only way to get them off of our TV. STOP WATCHING know it's all fake and not even enjoyable to watch anymore.


God! This kartrashian species has to go! They're NOT human. F**K EM ALL! OBVIOUS pr stunt AGAIN to promote their FAKE, shitty show! Get OVER yourselves already, you TALENTLESS fame whores!


I still think they are the most annoying family around. Never watch or buy anything to do with a kartrashian or seacrest......


Another pr stunt, their show is coming up soon so they want some drama that people would be curious about
That is all. They are good at it, every days for at least 4months there has been something about them almost everyday and i hope people got tired of it all and won't watch their crap. Mb


Kris Jenner should go on DWTS to lose weight

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