Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Give Me My Ring!

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Note to Kim Kardashian: you can keep the bondage boots. But please give me my crazy expensive ring back.

That's the gist of Kris Humphries' demands, a source says, as these two ballers (him in the NBA, her in... you get it) continue to battle it out in divorce court.

Kim for E!
Kris Goes Walking

"Kris wants the [engagement] ring back because the marriage only lasted 72 days and he believes it was based on fraud and deceit," an insider tells Radar Online. "Remember, Kim filed for divorce. Kris paid for that ring, and he just can't fathom why Kim would want to keep it."

That would be a reasonable point... if E! clearly did not pay for the ring.

Last week, Kardashian's attorney was in court, trying to end the legal maneuvering by both parties. She claims the divorce is still not finalized because Humphries is dragging it out on purpose in a desperate attention to garner headlines.

If true, hmmmm, we wonder from where he would have learned such a thing.


She should just give him back his ring. Then, everyone can move forward.


the kadashian family treated Kris like dirt cos he told them off about their egoistical behaviour.If he wasnt good enough for kim and her nasty sisters n family,how can his ring be? Shows that true love is so dying over lust and material life.


Shes very cunning,keeping that ring,but threw her husband away! What a woman! And how can anyone respect Elizabeth taylor was also an old skank who used men like underwear. Kim k give back the ring! Its wrong!


Give the ring back, media whore!!! No reason that no talent, sex tape makn slut needs to keep the ring! I'm sure mommie dearest already has her next "sweeps week" wedding all planned out!


Old fat ass is a self-centered ego ugly slut, and with all of her millions, that's the least she should do, and give Kris back the ring...Who the hell are you to keep it anyhow....all you do is use people....he made a huge mistake, and he deserves so much better than an ugly fat ass fame whore...GO TO HELL BITCH>>>>>>>


As long as kim is happy with whatever she does, let her be 4 christ sake buh take the ring back .


corner I meant corner she is a whore with a whore mouth and she belongs on a corner or in a whore house in Nevada


it was gift and is wasn't given on a stipulation. Elizabeth Taylor never gave her ring back or any of her jewelry. Get over it Hump your the idiot that paid so much for a ring that you gave to a woman who made a sex tape and is known for being a whore. You don't give wedding rings to whores you pay them and send them back to their cornor


Kim, give the ring back....Be decent about this, you have more money that Kris does, and he paid dearly for that ring even though his mother in law said she got a deal... You would just sell it and add to your wealth, quit being selfish and give it back, they your divorce can proceed and you both go your own ways.. Do you really thing anyone but your family are going to support with Kayne.. He gets drunk and causes scenes at Grammy's, is that what you really want.. GIVE BACK THE RING


I said right from the beginning that she should give him the ring back. Until then, no divorce because the whole wedding was a sham on her part and her mother for freebies and publicity. The whole family needs counseling because of their greed for money and the way they go about obtaining it.

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