Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Give Me My Ring!

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Note to Kim Kardashian: you can keep the bondage boots. But please give me my crazy expensive ring back.

That's the gist of Kris Humphries' demands, a source says, as these two ballers (him in the NBA, her in... you get it) continue to battle it out in divorce court.

Kim for E!
Kris Goes Walking

"Kris wants the [engagement] ring back because the marriage only lasted 72 days and he believes it was based on fraud and deceit," an insider tells Radar Online. "Remember, Kim filed for divorce. Kris paid for that ring, and he just can't fathom why Kim would want to keep it."

That would be a reasonable point... if E! clearly did not pay for the ring.

Last week, Kardashian's attorney was in court, trying to end the legal maneuvering by both parties. She claims the divorce is still not finalized because Humphries is dragging it out on purpose in a desperate attention to garner headlines.

If true, hmmmm, we wonder from where he would have learned such a thing.


That kim yoke is nothing but a money grabbing whore that needs a dig into the face to get her to cop on to life. She wouldn't be famous if it wasn't for Paris Hilton that's how the slag got her name. I couldn't stop laughing when someone true the flower over her i was delight.Kris Humphries has support her true everything and this is how the tramp thanks him she is nothing but a cry baby that only goes after men for there money,i love to know how she lives with her self and goes on like a kid wrights up things on twitter about her best friend and doesnt give him a chance how sad if i was her ma i would give her a slap into the face but that whore is exactly like her,Kris should find someone that will treat and respect him unlike that fat pig that cheat on him with a nigger haha she is only a nigger lover fat whore.Theres so much more that i could say about the bitch but im not goin to waste my time.


I think that that whore-bag Kim should give the ring back to Kris. Then, he should sell it. I have a feeling that he could use the extra $$$. Just a thought..........


Give Him His Friggin' Ring Back.
Lord knows she has many, many other expensive rings.


She filed for a divorce at the end of October. The divorce isn't even final yet and this whore bag is already banging someone else. Sad. She should just give back the ring, since she's so sure her shit doesn't stink. What does she have to prove by keeping it!? I find it hilarious and sad that I'm 24yrs old and i have been with my husband for 10 years! We have 4 beautiful babies. This broad is 30 something and she's been married and divorced 2x's. She needs to stop trying to control every man she's with (the way Kourtney took Scott's balls from him) and maybe she could have a man! Get it Bimbo! Its not rocket science!


I've NEVER watched their FAKE ass shows, i've NEVER bought those shitty magazines nor COULD I (i'm a male) or WOULD I buy ANYTHING with these PIGS' name on it...the kartrashian 'species' has to go! Lol

Ms billie

The ring is hers she went through with the so called marriage so cry baby needs to friggin shut the hell up. He's just doing shit to keep his name in the headlines. He is such a whinny ass cry baby and needs to grow the hell up.


Interesting article. I always assumed Kim bought her own ring, and that's why she's keeping it. However, it also makes sense that E! bought the ring! Now Kris demands it back because he wants to corner Kim into admitting that either she bought it or E! bought it and that's why she is not giving it back. Kris just wants to embarrass her further. By the way, I'm with Kathy Griffin, who stated about Kris H., "Is it just me or doesn't he look kind of "special needs?" Anyone who actually watched the Kourtney / Kim New York show knows that Kris H. is a complete jerk. I'm on Kim's side on this one. But Kanye West? OMG, the poor girl clearly has a broken picker. Another huge mistake waiting to happen.


And yeah, she went through with the marriage, but a TRUE marriage lasts more than 72 days, and I'm sure a court would take that into consideration when deciding who gets the ring, and Kim would lose.


Mila - "Legally the ring is hers to keep. He can not make her give it back. An engagement ring is given and accepted on the grounds of marriage. She held up her end of the deal and married him. If she did not marry him; then she could be forced to give the ring back." You don't know much about the law or about etiquette do you. She called it off, she loses the ring. PERIOD!!!


I agree with him. She called the whole thing off. She needs to return the ring. Had he called it off, then she should keep it. But she's a grasping conniving bitch, so I don't expect her to give up one thin dime without a fight, and if she's losing, her bitch mother will swoop in with all her clout to help her win. They're a disgusting bunch!!!

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