Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant! And Betrayed! Twice!

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Well, at least she's no longer pregnant and abandoned.

However, according to a pair of tabloid cover stories this week, Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant... and betrayed! It's a darn shame, isn't it?

Pregnant! Betrayed!
Kourtney and Reese

Naturally, Kris Jenner has already spoken out against rumors that Kourtney kicked out baby daddy Scott Disick and that E! cameras caught the blowup for an upcoming Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode.

"None of it is true," Kris tells E! News of talk that Disick is actually hiding sex tapes from his girlfriend and skipped out on her baby shower May 12 because the couple was fighting.

One thing is for certain: we'll be hearing a lot more about this when season seven of this scripted series premieres on Sunday. Another thing is also for certain: if you care one iota, you need to take a very long look in the mirror.

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Kourtney treats scott like crap no wonder he doesnt care anymore no one is good enough for that family they are a bunch of greedy self center bitches that have no clue about relife the little girls cant even change a light bulb i feel bad for the men who have to live in a kardashian womens life. the mom kris is th worst she needs a serious shot of reality "hey Kris ur old n nasty and ur lucky any man would want u so treat the one you have better!!!!!!!!"


i think scott has tried his best.most kardashian women treats dere men lik rubbish...its so unfair....if kris wants a good marriage for her daugthers,she should stop treating bruce lik he does not exist...


I think Scott really was trying for a while but now he's back to being the same douche bag he used to be. Kourtney is just looking out for her family and I can't blame her.


I love them all , I think bruce is great . I like kourtney cannot wait for the baby to come along wonder what she calling her. Xx




How can you say she should leave him? If you watched the show you would realize Kourtney is a control freak and treats him like crap and like a second child most of the time. She won't even let him sleep in the same bed with her and their son so what do you expect? She seems very cold to him and even her sisters have tried to talk to her about being nicer to him. Scott is a handsome guy and he's only going to resist temptation for so long. Those Kardashian women treat their men like crap, just like Kris treats Bruce, that is their role model.


I think he is a dick and she needs to leave him..I don't know why she puts up with it..I raised two kids on my own..she has family.to help her..


I don't believe anything that komes out of Kris or any other K-kid's mouth.


Clearly everything is scripted and is allowed to secure great ratings...still love the show though!


E cameras caught the blowup because it was written that way for the show. Do people actually believe their show and what goes on is for real? Did everybody forget how the Kardashians scripted the storyline re the divorce from Kris?

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