Kim Kardashian Threatens Lawsuit Over Drug-Fueled Tabloid Rumor

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Kim Kardashian is many things: an attention-starved, personality-less waste of large breasts; a former sex tape star; a lying spokesperson.

But a pill popper? Someone who turns to Valium and other sleeping medicine when the pressures of work and romance become too much? This is where the reality star draws the legal line.

Sources confirm to TMZ that Kardashian has demanded her attorneys take action against any outlet that runs with the cover story in this week's NW, an Australian tabloid that reports Kim has a drug problem.

Kim Kardashian Pill Popping Cover

The story quotes an anonymous source who says Kim has regularly "self-medicated" in the face of stress, starting when she first split with Reggie Bush.

Khloe Kardashian supposedly discovered a bottle of pills recently and has threatened to tell Kris Jenner and Kanye West unless Kim takes care of the issue.

Kim, meanwhile, is spending the week at the Cannes Film Festival. On Wednesday night, she and Kanye made their red carpet debut at that annual event.

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I don't understand the hate for her. If you don't like her fine, but to say such hateful things about someone you DON'T know says something about you! NO, I'm not a big Kardashian fan, so what they do is not an issue for me. I'm just speaking on the hate that! They don't ask you to read the Mags or look at the show if you don't like them. Maybe someone thinks you or someone in your family is a bitch. Do you want to see it everywhere?


Once again there's something about Kim k on the Hollywood gossip. Does she like pay to have something posted about her on THG everyday? I can't stand this Bitch. Who gives a fuck if she pops pills, let her. One day she'll pop to many and then there won't be nothing said about her anymore and it'll be her own fault lol just sayin...

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