Kim Kardashian on Running for Mayor: Stay Tuned!

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Kim Kardashian is keeping her name in the news any way she possibly can the option of running for Glendale Mayor very much open.

On the red carpet of Saturday night's White House Correspondent's Dinner - she was a guest of Fox News, for reasons that remain unexplained - the reality star was asked about her strange quote a couple weeks ago when she told Khloe, quite simply, that she would run day hold the aforementioned office.

Kandid Kim Kardashian

Might she still run?

"I always set my goals really high," Kim said, adding that she tries to do all she can for the Armenian community and concluding with the words hammered home to her by E! executives: "Stay tuned."

We can think of at least one superstar who wouldn't vote for Kardashian.

Watch her interview with Politico below.


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Kim Kardashian on Running for Mayor: Stay Tuned!
The vid is HQ which makes me happy


Yet another stunt. Pure PR to stay in the news just ahead of their new show. Are many stunts have they had so far, almost one everyday. I sincerely hope that people are seeing through it all. That is all. MB


Its not even an electable office, she should look into these thing before flapping her trap. As usual.


The only town she could be mayor of - is fatville.


Sorry haters, she looks really pretty in this photo! I hope she can also turn her ambitions into something more useful and positive


Kim should really focus on doing one or more things she's really good at and not what she's not strongly into.So far being a model and entrepreneur has favored her over the years but as soon as she ventured into entertainment her actions and works has generated more controversies than the day pamela got kicked out of play boy mansion.going into politics isn't a joke and you should have the knowledge and wisdom b4 venturing into it.acting didn't favor you and so did music.politics will not but rather make people hate you more cos you don't know how to manage the spotlight.stop dabbling into things kim and only do things you're best at.


you can do it KIM


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