Kim Kardashian Named Hottest Woman in the World By Zoo Magazine!

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Kim Kardashian was just named the Hottest Woman in the World by Zoo Magazine. No idea what the Zoo editorial board is smoking there, but hey, to each their own, and they did provide us with this hot new magazine cover, so good for them!

Here's Kim, doing what Kim does best (along with fornicating on tape):

Kim Kardashian in Lingerie

Voted by readers, the curvy star is officially the Hot 101 winner.

Readers of Zoo, a fine UK publication, apparently have a type.

Posing in a skimpy black and red lingerie set, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 31, certainly does her best to live up to the coveted crown. Kanye West could not be reached for comment about the remarkable achievement by "his Beyonce."

What do you think: Is Kim K. the world's hottest woman?


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Kim's a lovely young woman. That being said, I honestly think she is over-exposed and self absorbed. Wish the K family would take the road of Paris Hilton and go away.


That pic is horrible. Her photos for covers are usually flawless. Her face makes her look constipated in this pic.


She is more than sexy bt so sweet.


Oh soo agree with Pomadour!


Typical jealous KockROACHian behavior. Notice Sophie Monk is connected to R-Jay and she is an Aussie. Zoo is an Aussie magazine. I highly doubt this is even true. Just like Italian Vogue and Cosmo Middle East. Liars!


meh. i've seen better.


Yes she is


No matter how one might feel about Kim, she is without a doubt a BEAUTIFUL, sexy alluring creature.She has all of the PHYSICAL appeal that any red blooded, heterosexual male could require.


Kim AGAIN looks like a fashion trainwreck HO


okay. truth?!?! shes a really pretty woman. but her personality needs to be factored in there somewhere! she is a just a famewhore. doesnt care who she runs down on her way to the top. i do kinda wonder what she would look like makeup free?!?! :/