Kim Kardashian Named Hottest Woman in the World By Zoo Magazine!

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Kim Kardashian was just named the Hottest Woman in the World by Zoo Magazine. No idea what the Zoo editorial board is smoking there, but hey, to each their own, and they did provide us with this hot new magazine cover, so good for them!

Here's Kim, doing what Kim does best (along with fornicating on tape):

Kim Kardashian in Lingerie

Voted by readers, the curvy star is officially the Hot 101 winner.

Readers of Zoo, a fine UK publication, apparently have a type.

Posing in a skimpy black and red lingerie set, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 31, certainly does her best to live up to the coveted crown. Kanye West could not be reached for comment about the remarkable achievement by "his Beyonce."

What do you think: Is Kim K. the world's hottest woman?


Doesn't "beautiful" mean NATURAL! PUTTY AND PAINT MAKE IT WHAT IT AINT!!! Hello! You give me the ugliesy chick in the world we throw some fake hair and a good 5lbs of makeup and shell look gorgeous to! Every time she says something I think of her having Ray J's junk in her mouth! But yet this broad didn't want to show her freak in boobs in Playboy! WHORE WITH NOOOOOOOOI VALUES!!!!


Anyone who video tapes themselves having sex and then let's it on the Internet is a slut and sluts are ugly. Did you see her breasts not so good .she is an attractive person but the most beautiful I don't think so. Does she sing
Or dance or act? Where is the talent? In the whole family for that matter just lots of hair and I'm sure lots
Of waxing.


The most beautiful woman in the world is Sofia Loren.
Kim Kardashian is a little woman ...with heavy makeup and no brains.


She paid for this.




Kim is a good looking lady but I think that the media and some people exagerate. How could u even choose. There are soooo many beautiful hot men and women. I just don't get it. The picture is not very good either. She looks like she's wearing pull ups or something; too saggy in the front. And furthur more, Kim looks really pretty without the heavy makeup. She looks way younger.


Save our animal and enovirment,and earth resource and world hunger. get that shit off here. No more whore is take over Unitedstated. no lie . thank my friends. Read luke 8 :14 to 25. please write a fan letter.


Zoo Weekly? Need I say more?


kim is so beautiful. love that woman


She belongs IN A ZOO, not on the cover.


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