Kim Kardashian is Having a Baby!*

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2012 is shaping up to be a big year for Kim Kardashian.

The reality star may very well marry Kanye West AND adopt a child... if a pair of new tabloid reports are to be believed.

Kim Kardashian OK! Cover

It may not quote any sources, and it may not provide any evidence to back up its cover story, but this week's edition of OK! claims Kardashian is looking to adopt a baby from Armenia and also become pregnant at some point over the next few months.

Kim is on record as saying she wants to do as much as possible for Armenians around the world, which - one would think - means she'd stay as far away as possible from anyone of this descent.

(*Kim Kardashian is not having a baby.)


I think it is time for Hollywood Gossip to take a poll on the following question: Which of the following make up the trashiest and biggest publicity seeking group of morons in the United States? Pick from the following:
(1) The Palin/Johnston families
(2) The Jenner/Kardashian clan With these choices, is it any wonder why so much of the world hates us?


Their show is coming up soon......SO.......another PR stuff to stay in the news and fool people with bits of stuff so they watch the show to find out what is what. Not this one, I will definitely will not watch this crap. It is all lies, all scripted by momanager who booked her own daughter for a playboy shoot. What kind of mother do that? It is all for money and right now the money has been somewhat reduced so they are all out. Everyday, on tv, mags or internet there is something said about the KARTRASHIANS.
It is all about face on, face on, face on wherever good or bad it does not matter it is still face on. THey are not to the manor born that is all I can say. Terrible representation of America. MB


Omg I'm so happy for you


i wounder if its from kanway shes a big hoe anyway


so take

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