Kim Kardashian is Having a Baby!*

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2012 is shaping up to be a big year for Kim Kardashian.

The reality star may very well marry Kanye West AND adopt a child... if a pair of new tabloid reports are to be believed.

Kim Kardashian OK! Cover

It may not quote any sources, and it may not provide any evidence to back up its cover story, but this week's edition of OK! claims Kardashian is looking to adopt a baby from Armenia and also become pregnant at some point over the next few months.

Kim is on record as saying she wants to do as much as possible for Armenians around the world, which - one would think - means she'd stay as far away as possible from anyone of this descent.

(*Kim Kardashian is not having a baby.)


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Kim Kardashian is Having a Baby!*
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we love u kim and good luck x


love youhh kim gud look xxx




if she does adopt i would feel sorry for the child and if you think she will be looking after the child think again it would be beneath her to do it,


omg.if u guys hate her so much y do u even bother to google her?loosers???well she is my biggest fan and i wish her all the best.


D kardashian are out there to make a show off.they are too fake but stil i luv their show of shame.adoptn indeed!wat happend to kanye trousers dat dropd off?


If it's even true. My advise...get a freakin divorce and tie up loose ends before you ever bring a child into the drama. Just sayin


>child molester
What? When the fuck did the kardashians ever do that? Also maybe a kid will make her a more humble person, it will be all about her child, so every one will quite bitching. Also armenians are beautiful people, i hope here baby is cute.

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