Kim Kardashian Attorney Blames Kris Humphries for Divorce Drag-Out

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Lost amidst the hoopla of Kim Kardashian dating Kanye West? She's still married to Kris Humphries!

How can this be, considering the couple signed a pre-nup that divided their assets? And considering they have now been apart far longer than the 72 days for which they were wed?

Kim Kardashian at E! Upfront
The Former Mr. Kim Kardashian

Simple, Kim's lawyer argued in court today: Humphries is dragging out the precedure because he wants to keep his name in the news.

According to TMZ, Laura Wasser stood in front of a judge today and decreed the action of her client's ex. She said Kardashian will be asking Kris to foot her legal fees if a divorce trial actually commences.

And it looks like we really might be headed down that path: the judge ruled that depositions will be permitted, meaning Kim might truly sit in front of opposing counsel, under oath, and be asked about her motivations for marrying Humphries.



tbh i think shes epic either way-and if you hate her so much, why the hell do you waste your time googling her?? talk about being antipatheic...


thats cos the poor guy still loves his evil abusive wife. He stil cant believe Cruella divorced him.


nice ledy


i don't blame kris kimused him for pr and she is using kanywe west however u spell his name thats all shes worrying about pr and momey and shes a hoe anyway


Thank GOD kris Humphries escaped that mad lot. Its a pity that scott dickhead is still kept there to remain Kris Jenners sponge bob punch bag.


even if the show is fake it doesnt matter cos the whole kadashian woman are in real life FAKE,RUDE and greedy. They are a bad example to all woman in america and the world.


He's dragging this like she's stretching her 15 minutes.


Kim used him and edited the whole season! He found out he was getting a divorce on the radio!!! He hasd no idea she even felt like this until he saw the show! Shesss sooo fake!!!!!! And hellooooooo the only reason hes dragging out this whole divorce is bc of her, she doesnt want an annulment and if she doesnt want to agree to anullmwnt then its gna continue to drag! She doesnt want an annulment bc then he has the right to air all her dirrry laundry out there and say all their secrets and how fake the kardashains really are! But he signed a prenup and until she agrees to annulment then he can talk! So thats why this divorce is dragging bc of her! Shesss scared! If she really wanted to she could easily agree to an anullment! Fakeness!


Suitepee you must be a nobody to trash someone you don't know. Kim is a fake and she and her Momma took advantage of this man for more money. They're a bunch of selfish money hungry people, he did get used and have the right to defend his self.


Honestly, so over the whole Kim/Kris/Kanye drama. All I can say is the truth will set you free! KIM- get over yourself, just tell the truth so the world can move on! Kris- focus on basketball. Face it dude, you got screwed BIG TIME! Kanye- you made a song about Kim along time ago!!! Maybe Jamie Foxx can remind you how it went!!!

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