Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Kohabitate?!?

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The next time Kim Kardashian gets wet and wild, will she have Kanye West to dry her off? In a bathroom the couple shares together?!?

Oh, yes, folks, new evidence makes it appear as if Kardashian and West are ready to take their publicity-based relationship to the next level, as each has listed his/her home for sale.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Photograph

According to TMZ, which broke this story, both sides of the couple have placed "pocket listings" with Realtors, meaning their expensive Los Angeles pads don't appear in any official real estate documents.

But make no mistake, technicalities aside: the houses are for sale. Kim is asking $5 million for hers.

Kardashian and West took a different kind of big step together last week, posing as a pair on the red carpet. And, let's face it: forget any mansions in Beverly Hills. That is Kim's true home.

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How long do you think this will last - 73 days? So sad that she doesn't think she can exist without a man.


So how long is this going to last - 73 days? So sad she can't exist without a man.


Who the hell cares and why did I bother reading this????


Best wishes to both god bless...
And too all u evil haters reason to hate on
Two persons who have done
Nothing to u...u are doing.
Much more to ur self earning
More points into hell...


So, the pretentious a-hole moves in with the world's biggest whore. Why didn't anyone see that coming???


It is just too darn bad that some men don't use the common sense God gave them. Pretty doesn't last and KK has been ridden hard and put away wet a few too many times. And Kim is what 45 or older? True beauty resides in the soul. Pretty is all at the surface and is more fake than a $3 bill.


I am laughing soo hard! The ignorant Kayne and trash Kim! Perfect rotton couple. Birds of a feather stick together.


...........................Who cares? Sorry, but I've got nothing, Ha!


Is there really any need for racist remarks??
At the end of the day its kims life, her marrage is basically over so everyone needs to move on with their lives and let kim enjoy hers!! Love you kimmy xxx


Ahhhh... two pigs planning to wallow in their own filth - how sweet!

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