Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Kohabitate?!?

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The next time Kim Kardashian gets wet and wild, will she have Kanye West to dry her off? In a bathroom the couple shares together?!?

Oh, yes, folks, new evidence makes it appear as if Kardashian and West are ready to take their publicity-based relationship to the next level, as each has listed his/her home for sale.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Photograph

According to TMZ, which broke this story, both sides of the couple have placed "pocket listings" with Realtors, meaning their expensive Los Angeles pads don't appear in any official real estate documents.

But make no mistake, technicalities aside: the houses are for sale. Kim is asking $5 million for hers.

Kardashian and West took a different kind of big step together last week, posing as a pair on the red carpet. And, let's face it: forget any mansions in Beverly Hills. That is Kim's true home.

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Neither of these sluts will even need to change the monograms on their towels. Not a smart move for Kim though since her divorce isn't final yet. Any attorney would tell her to hold off until it is.


To monica no One is jealous of the no talent tramp with money. People are annoyed how annoying this whole family is every where. I'd suggest for you maybe not click on the stories if you can't handle people's feeling and comments different than your own. Have a good day. I think they are going to drag each other down. He's a d-bag and she's the tramp,perfect match.


Birds of feather , flock together...
Kayne west is a talented douche bag &
kim k no talent,she new her career was going down so by hooking up Kayne west , would help her career...for her phony , dumb fans!


Kim does like her chocolate! I'm not complaining because I enjoy a little chocolate as many women do just for a change every now & then.


I guess he needs a job and a place to live.


Wish both of them the best.


Kim is a trashy HO!!!!! Cannot stand to look at her anymore. A publicity seeking whore!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of the BITCH already.


Well. well. well. me thinks KIM should maybe TRY being by herself for awhile. why? To re evaluate herself her lifestyle & her family. THEY BOTH MOVE TOO FAST.


They deserve each other.


Unlike with Humphries, THEY didn't live together. If this is what SHE wants, although, I can't see WHY, she is always busy, and so will he be. Even guys in prison get CONGICAL visits. Compatability and that CONSTANT being together is the HITCH. To be SMART though, I would think she would WALK the WALK, and just be NON COMMITAL towards anythng that even resembles MARRIAGE.Atleast, she won't be OWNED by West, if they just COHABITATE.Independence will still be there for BOTH. There is NO NEED to RUSH anything, so just PLAY it by itself.

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