Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Kissing!!!

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Kim Kardashian may be donning a short-haired wig for a new photo shoot with Vogue Italia, but the professional celebrity is giving fans a long look at her relationship with Kanye West:

The two were photographed swapping spit in Los Angeles yesterday, as Us Weekly has posted the picture of Kim and Kanye kissing on set.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Los Angeles

Adding to the intrigue of a relationship that is totally not for publicity, Kanye recently rapped something about wanting to see Kardashian in a white dress, while rumors of these two getting married continue to circulate.

Granted, Kim isn't divorced yet from Kris Humphries. And, sure, a wedding is about as likely to go down as Kim is on a white guy.

But it sure is totally nauseating and ridiculous fun to wonder about, isn't it?!?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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I have always questioned the mentality of a man who is anxious to marry a woman who has the history of an amoral, slutty, money grubbing whore. Doesn't KW know when to just hit it and leave it where he found it?


These two are simply nauseating!


They actually belong together, besides eachother, no one else would want either of them!! They are a perfect match. Both crave media attention, and both worship the almighty dollar!!


nice areola in that pic! yuck. and he is not cute at all.


I would be ashamed to be with her. Shes been around the block...TWICE! Pretty grose if you ask me!


Hey Kayne, kissing kimmy must taste like a brothers cumm, Reggie!


SHORT hair, is not *KiKi's* best look. I wonder if she ever doesn't dress so UPPIDTY/CLASSY and just be the NORMAL person in GRUBS. West always looks GRUBBY,and always seems UGLY in the face. Maybe he isn't over losing his mom yet. Well, we HAVE TO get over it Jack.


Who the hell really cares?


Two of tghe most nauseating people on the planet.


I am happy for u kim