Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Kissing!!!

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Kim Kardashian may be donning a short-haired wig for a new photo shoot with Vogue Italia, but the professional celebrity is giving fans a long look at her relationship with Kanye West:

The two were photographed swapping spit in Los Angeles yesterday, as Us Weekly has posted the picture of Kim and Kanye kissing on set.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Los Angeles

Adding to the intrigue of a relationship that is totally not for publicity, Kanye recently rapped something about wanting to see Kardashian in a white dress, while rumors of these two getting married continue to circulate.

Granted, Kim isn't divorced yet from Kris Humphries. And, sure, a wedding is about as likely to go down as Kim is on a white guy.

But it sure is totally nauseating and ridiculous fun to wonder about, isn't it?!?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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Yooo i thought that was her mom at first..... man either kim looks old with short hair or her mom had another facelift again


It just keeps on amazing me how many of you claim you can not stand Kim but yet you take the time to leave nasty and judgemental comments. DONT READ THE ARTICALS DONT WATCH THE SHOW AND MOST OF ALL STOP BEING SO MEAN when kim hasnt done anything to you. Just let her do what she does and you go about your business. Everyone will havr their judgement day.


Its their life you can't tell anybody hw to live their,bt my advice to you "kim is becarefull" cuz I dnt to lose you.


puuuuuuuffffffff shes a bitch,n we dont give a shit about her life,i feel soooorryyy kanye i luv ur music but being with kim ur going to be lyk kris k


I can't believe the bile and hatred written in some of the postings on this site. I also can't believe that there are people out there who are prepared to believe anything that is written in the media. But as they are the same people who take time to write insults, then why should anyone be surprised. You must be very proud of yourselves.


Good Lord here we go again. But now we have two attention starved people who have hooked up for the publicity and for kim to get Reggie Bush jealous. Thank goodness Regie had the good sense to steer clear of this foolish girl who one day will only be remembered as the chick who dated anyone famous she could get her claws into...




Kayne West is a parasitic worm with an over inflated since of entitlement! Oh wait... there a perfect couple.


even HE doesn't want that wh0re, he makes her put on a wig and look like her mom, make it easier for him to go where every other black man has been before.


I dont give a fuck about these two losers
...can i ask people who follow kim kardashian as a rull model!is she a rull model how to use people and how to sell your body to make money...she is a modern prostitue...slag...shame on you and your mum who gives you advice who to fuck...your dad is really disappointed to ve you...i wish he was alive and you could see what he thinks about you..k w fuck you man i thought you are a descent man...never listen to your music again.