Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Worst. Momager. Ever.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians is back!

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    I accidentally ran into Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.
    Watch it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (ultimate version)

    Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Worst. Momager. Ever.
    Now tell me it's not real!


    What can I say I like z show.But khole is my girl.Kris need to treat Bruce like z man he his.


    It may seem young because she has been in the spghilott since she was prepubescent but 14 is the normal age to begin in the modeling industry. I promise you most young models are not in sears or teen fashion lines. I know I am a model and I am always shocked when I meet girls who easily pass for my age (27) but are 16 and living in Miami with their agent as their gaurdian and there parents are still in Oregon or where ever. If you are a giganticly tall teen and pretty you will be on runway's and doing shoots that may seem beyond their years, if you lady's don't like it stop buying vogue etc and make your own clothes because your perpetuating something that you are against.


    My MIL loves my son (her only grandchild) but hates that he's the only child we're hvanig. She actually was hurt that my husband got the big V in June because it meant we'd ruined our chances of an opps baby . Now everytime we talk to her we have to hear about all her friends whose kids are hvanig more kids and how she only has one grandson.My husband told her today: Well mom, I do have a younger brother who is single and might be knocking some stranger up right now if you're lucky. It's a shame too, I like my MIL way more than my own mom, but not if she keeps this attitude up.


    its funny how you guys talk so much shit about the k.k and jenners but yet take the time to leave commets or even getting on this website talk about stupid anyways my fav is Khloe !!! As for the rest their show is really getting lame i miss khloe and lamar


    All of this makes me wonder if that HO-BAG Kris Jenner wore the pants and all in her 1st marriage like she does in her current marriage to Bruce??? Just a thought..........


    Their so called "mother" is nothing more than a PIMP who will whore her whole family out for money and kourtney seriously needs to be told how stupid she sounds with her over use and MISUSE OF THE WORD LITERALLY!


    Both the Jenner's and the Kardashian famililies are having fun with what they have been offered. People should stop thinking jealously and learn to be happy and think positive.


    they need to get off tv as the whole bunch of them are obnoxious.
    look at how they live because of us viewers, showing off their homes and diamonds. sick of seeing kim on the internet and elsewhere, she is a ho!!!!! get rid of them already, as we no longer watch their shows


    This family is really over-the-top in terms of just being strange. Can someone please tell me why these stretched-faced, plastic surgeried folks merit all the attention they get?
    And an aside-for all of the $s these folks seem to have why is it that not ONE of them has any taste in clothes?
    I think they should have a new line called: How to Still Look Like a Ho When You Have A lot of $.
    Geeze. Paris Hilton went away. Why won't they?

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