Katy Perry Performs "Wide Awake", Opens Up About Divorce in New Single?

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Katy Perry is never one to hold anything back.

The singer performed her new song "Wide Awake" at the Billboard Music Awards last night, a song written for her upcoming 3D documentary movie and which appears to specifically address her recent divorce from comedian Russell Brand.

Watch and listen to her performance here:

"I'm wide awake. I was in the dark, I was falling hard with an open heart. How did I read the stars so wrong. I was dreaming for so long. I wish I knew then what I know now. I wouldn't dive in, I wouldn't bow down," she sings.

But the song isn't about the singer wallowing in heartbreak for long, at least.

"Not losing any sleep," she says. "I picked up every piece and landed on my feet."

"Need nothing to complete myself. I am born again, outta the lion's den. I don't have to pretend. The story's over now, the end."

If the song is as autobiographical as it sounds, she's moved on. Good for her.

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There is a video on Youtube explaining the meaning of the lyrics and the video, its about her realising that she has chosen the wrong path by choosing the illuminathi.. When she eats the strawberry she gainz power from satan to move the walls that were closing on her but then she realises something still isn't right, Young katie comes to help her realise who she really is and we see she helps katie fight of the people, the entire song she is in darkness but at the end everything is bright again.. She says "if I knew then , what I knew now, wouldn't dive in, wouldn't bow down, gravity hurts,yet its so sweet, till I woke up on the concrete" she's trying to say that if she knew earlier about what she was getting herself into, she would of never fell for it and bowed down.. Everything seems so sweet with all the riches and fame they get from the illuminathi but there is a price to be paid. Ultimately, "Wide awake" suggests that she now realises her wrong choices.


I don't know if Katy meant to do this or not, but the Lion is a reference to Jesus... The Lion of Juda (Judas tribe). I am born again, from the Lions den....


illuminatiiiiiiii :s :s :s they hide the truth behind that divorce thing....so sly...


For all the illuminati believers I have a question; all these so called videos are illuminati driven. And we do alot of talking about what artist is in the illuminati however, something is off with this analysis. The artists do not direct their own videos, so are we to assume that all the video directors are in the illuminati?


I agree with the first comment deffanutly about the illuminati and have you heard chris browns new song "dont wake me up" like he would rather live his life happpy then going against the illuminatithe videos creepy aswell, Killuminati


This song is really about her walking away from the Illuminati. "bow down" meaning she serves Satan, she's "born again, outta the lion's den" she's no longer serving him. The whole Russell Brand thing is a cover up.


this song sounds like 'paradise' by Coldplay


i believe this song is a really emotional song...i don't know why...it's one of those songs.


yeah...I actually like her music...I can relate to some of it N I think that sometimes when someone is hurting...we use subliminal messages to communicate with others...we want others to know what we are feeling without having to come out N say it...


I dont like her music! I listen to Storm and Grace, by Lisa Marie Presley! Now thats some serious music!!

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