Kate Upton Does "Cat Daddy" Dance in Bikini, 50 Million Males Lose Concentration at Work

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Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton is busting out (her moves) to a new dance, called the Cat Daddy, and Terry Richardson filmed her demonstrating it.

We have no idea what inspired this ... though it's pretty obvious.

Richardson, a noted fashion photographer perhaps best known for his many provocative Lindsay Lohan photos, may have set the bar too high here.

After all, how can you ever top this ... at least if you're a guy?

Kate Upton isn't opposed to showing off her dance moves online, having done the "Dougie" in a similar video back when that was big. Like eight months ago.

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@lauren exactly what i was guna say.. i didnt even wana watch the video i just came on here bcuz they were acting like she just made it up


Cute and hot for a white girl.


that is SO unfair. Her right boob is being smushed while her left one points at the camera.


Model Kate Upton Cat Daddy in a Bikini Hot Dance HD Video here http://is.gd/9o9uCt


I'm convinced all the hater comments on here are from girls that aren't as good looking. That was HOT!


This isn't Courtney or whatever that teenage freak's name is. This is a model. An actual pretty woman. Not that freak married to the old dude. That girl is ugly and her man is crusty.


Ha....she's a fucking teenager.....bunch of pedoohiles...the only reason the old perverted bastard she married made it legal is when they got married.....nasty


SMOOOKKIIINNNGGGGG. Damn everything in my body started pointing up. Kate is by far the hottest model out there.


@ the haters......you're criticizing this gorgeous woman? Really? Guys, chances are your women don't compare unless you're also dating a hot model. And as someone who was pressured into implants for work, it's quite refreshing to see a natural woman featured. Implants are so damn common now it's boring. Everyone has 'em.


@Kate Slut-ton: Doing sexy dance moves in a bikini does not automatically make a person a slut. Sluts are promiscuous and will have sex with anybody who they either find attractive or who can get them something they want, and they're usually willing to hook up with other people's spouses. The whole 'easy white girl' stereotype is complete bullshit. There are plenty of Latina, African-American, and Asian women who sleep around too.