Kate Upton Does "Cat Daddy" Dance in Bikini, 50 Million Males Lose Concentration at Work

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Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton is busting out (her moves) to a new dance, called the Cat Daddy, and Terry Richardson filmed her demonstrating it.

We have no idea what inspired this ... though it's pretty obvious.

Richardson, a noted fashion photographer perhaps best known for his many provocative Lindsay Lohan photos, may have set the bar too high here.

After all, how can you ever top this ... at least if you're a guy?

Kate Upton isn't opposed to showing off her dance moves online, having done the "Dougie" in a similar video back when that was big. Like eight months ago.

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it's impossible for me to like this girl;; she's just another hip hop ho' http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/ho...


White women can rot in hell,they are the biggest sluts on the planet and the american ones have a horrible rep worldwide.Look at all the ridiculous smut they do,also every other sex scandal involves a white girl cheating with a 'ger etc.I used to love em,now i abhor,hate and despise them.They've been burning bridges with the white male for decades since the fem movement.They are also a big reason why 75% of all the suicides in the USA are male,,,mostly white males.But do they care??? Nope.The white guy put the white woman on a pedastal and then got stabbed in the back,no more game over...never again.


@ Blaize- Like it or not- White Girls are coming across on the tube and media as the easiest lay in the land. Need to clean up the reputation. It's getting harder to defend the white woman. A good start would be some self respect! Who would want a white woman after she has been dipped in that!


Nina Hartley- Scoot over. This one has all the makings. If she would go out with Kanye West - she will give it up to anybody. Got to love the 21st century up & coming woman! What a Role Model! Daddy- he has got to be thrilled along with her congressman Uncle.


She is looking slutie!,,,,


Beautiful girl, but unfortunately being mismanaged. Instead of building a credible career in modeling like Naomi Campbell or Christie Brinkley...she's resorting to cheap shot cameos for "15 minutes" of fame. This will probably culminate in a Playboy spread and that's pretty much it for her. The only way she'll keep her face and t*ts in the news will be pulling Kardashian antics for attention. And let's face it, only the Divine K's get away with that media travesty. Kate get a good agent that can convince you that you're over-exposed and slumming it in the publicity whirl, hun, before it's took late.


@Menrpigs4sho: A pedophile is an adult or teenager who has or wants to have sex with children. Kate Upton is 19 or 20, so finding her sexy doesn't make a guy a pig or a pedophile.


She's the hottest out of shape girl I have ever seen...other fatties cannot pull this off




Smokin hot girl doing some smokin hot moves! There is no room for any negative comments as it just makes you sound silly and jealous.