Kate Upton Cat Daddy Dance: Back on YouTube!

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We are pleased to report that Kate Upton's "Cat Daddy" dance is back on YouTube after a brief ban on the suggestive viral sensation. Fist-pump!

Guess Kate, and her fans, showed YouTube who its (cat) daddy is.

After abruptly yanking the 2012 SI cover girl’s provocative moves on Wednesday, the video-sharing website apparently realized it was doing the male gender a downright inhumane disservice and reinstated the clip.

A source close to Upton says the blond bombshell was perplexed by YouTube’s decision, since her video contains no nudity or sexual content.

According to the insider, the 19-year-old found it “completely silly.”

“She couldn’t believe it,” said the source, who said Upton couldn’t see why her gettin' freaky to the Rej2ctz track was banned, seeing that 1) she wears the same bikini in SI, and 2) there are plenty of more salacious videos.

YouTube officials eventually reached the same, fixing their mistake.

“With the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call,” said a spokeswoman for the site. “When it’s brought to our attention that a video has been removed mistakenly, we act quickly to reinstate it.”

Thank you YouTube. And Terry Richardson, and of course, Kate.


SORRY,Blaize you couldn't be more wrong.I do in fact have issues with any guy who cannot keep his d__k in his pants and feels the need to play the field as well.Like these girls,those guys are dotes.From where i come from it doesn't make a dude a STUD it makes him a useless fukwit.These guys are often also usually the same ones who have children they cannot support.


A slut is a person who is easy and promiscuous. Sluts will have sex with anybody who they either find hot or who can get them something they want, and sluts are usually open to the idea of hooking up with married men. Dancing in a bikini or being a model or a sexy celebrity has nothing to do with it.


At least Lohan can act - this bitch can't do shit.


Initially i thought this kid was just being manipulated for money but now I see she's just a skanky ho. She'll go the way of Lindsay Lohan...down and out.


Hahahha i love the girl who said jealous much? No sweetie, i am not jealous of a slut bag who goes half naked dancing around. Why is this news? Its not! And to the one talking about 19 year old white girls, your just flat out ignorant.


@Kate-Up Chuck: Clearly you're bitter, ignorant, and uptight. She's just dancing in a bikini. There's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't make her a tramp or a slut. We don't know who she's had sex with or how many people she's had sex with. And as far as all 19-year old girls being willing to 'spread their legs for anything with a pulse', I can tell you from experience that that's not true because I'M a 19-year-old white girl and I'm not like that. I'm not a virgin, but I don't try to hook up with every hot or rich guy I see. It's interesting that you're bitching about the sexuality of young women. I bet you wouldn't have a problem with a 19-year-old MALE dancing in swimwear or even having had sex wit more than one person in his life, would you?


She didn't do anything special. It is nice to see a nonaneroxic woman be front and center.


YouTube is gay. Hopefully metacafe is not as gay as YouTube.


Porns next big Star.


woah....wait a minute..breaking news!!! a blonde wearing a bikini dances. focking groundbreaking shit. NOT.


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