Kate Upton Bikini Photos: You. Are. Welcome.

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Terry Richardson needs free drinks for life.

Who knows how the renowned "fashion" photographer became the go-to guy for getting models and actresses to disrobe in front of him for "artsy" spreads, but the man does profoundly exquisite work. His latest effort: These Kate Upton pics.

What more needs to be said, really?

Kate Upton Bikini Picture

This photo shoot also produced a video of her doing the "Cat Daddy" dance in the bikini shown above, a 60-second clip that's as perfect as it is nonsensical.

Some people, for reasons unknown, continue to hate on Kate because of her "fuller" figure and provocative ad campaigns, but we really don't see the issue.

If anything, it's nice to see a non-anorexic "every girl" model, and just because the SI stunner uses her sex appeal for a living doesn't make her a "slut."

Rant over. Now enjoy Terry's photos of the cutie below:

Kate Upton Bikini Pic
Kate Upton, Glasses
Kate Upton, Underwear
Kate Upton Cleavage
Kate Upton Hot Pic
Hot Kate Upton

real! preaty,she seems as if she would be fun but I go for the HART...its hard to just look at a pic. to know her Hart full figured is nice only if shes a Lover ....


Kate is a natural, refreshing beauty. As someone who worked in the biz many years ago (and got the implants along with the eating disorders that are so common),, it's great to see Kate's effortless good looks. Guys who hate, unless you're dating a hot model, your own women don't compare. Ladies who hate, you're just jealous.


Trang go do a couple hundred side crunches yourself since you apparently have better things to do with your life than post on a net bb.




Trang, you're an idiot. She looks fabulous. She looks like a real woman instead of something skin and bones like most fake *ss models. To everyone hatin on her, go try eating something that tastes good. Its because of idiots thinking if a woman's waist is bigger than a 2 that she's fat that's driving young girls to think they have to do whatever it takes to be skinny. Grow up.


now hopefully no crazy obsessed psycho stalks or rapes her. The internet is a psycho's paradise.


Cute face, nice hair, nice big breastS. Need to do side crunches to tone up the fat area to shrink down the big waste. And need to stand in a position where she doesn't shove her big waste infront of the camera. Stand more like a black woman.


Bitch! UGH! lol



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