Kate Gosselin: Stalked, Threatened By Random Freak on Twitter

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Kate Gosselin had a lot on her plate as it is, but now the maligned reality mom is receiving threatening messages from a mystery, sinister antagonist.

Using a profile picture depicting the bible verse John 8:32, the ominous stalker has been sending the former Kate Plus 8 star increasingly creepy tweets.

The messages began April 26 with a countdown of when the antagonist will expose Kate Gosselin's dark secrets and supposed "immoral ways."

In 56 days from that Tweet, BT-dub.

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“56 more days Kate!! It's not too late to change your ways. Follow us for updates!" wrote the stalker, before posting a follow-up five days later.

“I know what you did @Kateplusmy8, and in 51 days so will the world,” the freak wrote, tagging Radar Online to further publicize their efforts.

The creep also references Kate's publicist: “Hi Julie Carson May! Can't wait 4 u to read about ur greatest creation! You must be so proud of yourself!”

It's unclear what she did that was so bad or why it would shock people - it's pretty much a universally held belief that Kate Gosselin sucks anyway - but whatev.

In the New Testament of the bible, verse John 8:32 reads: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” This is deep stuff people.

Kate's supposed judgment day is June 21, according to our calculations, the same night of the summer solstice, for what that's worth (nothing).


This is the best she can come up with for attention? This isn't even stalking (she wishes), it's taunting. Old, lonely, alcoholic, orange, wrinkly and flabby assed is no way to go through life.


Hey, "Jon", how about you stick to the topic


All you people criticising her,where are your own children right now? If you spent time with them instead of spewing hatred and jealousy on an online gossip mag ,US economy would not be in such shambles.Leave that woman alone and get your own families and careers right first. Oh forgot,you have the govt. and Kate Gosselin to blame for everything,right?


Who gives a damn about this old hag.. he boobs zagg all the way to her knees.


This woman is soooo toxic and disturbed.


You mean to tell me that Katie Kreiders former presidential body guard to Bill Clinton could not get to the bottom of this story? So funny and lame. Kate needs to get more creative with her stupid stories, she is at the bottom of this, lol.


Crazy, lazy Kate, keep trying to work your kids. Jon and Kate are both relentless in their exploitation of their young children.


Oh geez, is this woman going to show up somewhere in the near future to set the record straight with her crocodile tears?


This is hard to believe. Can't they ask Twitter to find out who opened the account? Hmmmmm. Smells like a conspiracy that nobody cares about anyway . . . . .


It is impossible to get rid of this lying and mean self centered witch! This woman deserves stalking, but I am sure she is responsible for this dumb story so she can spin the Steve Neild, body guard, situation. After all in Kate G world it is all about meeeeeeeee!

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