Kate Gosselin: I've Made Peace With Jon!

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Are the years of public feuding between Jon and Kate Gosselin finally a thing of the past? She certainly hinted as much on the Today show yesterday.

Kate, who's still being stalked by some freak, told Ann Curry that she and her ex have made peace and are working together to raise their children.

"I can honestly say it's more peaceful than it's ever been," said the 37-year-old. "I feel that a really big weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

Despite all the bad blood - just last month, she hammered Jon for flaking on child support - Kate had nothing but praise for him this time around.

"He's really been positive and more available and it's just less stressful. I feel like he's been working with me more, and the kids notice," she said.

"And that's good. Because I've always just wanted that peace, not just for me, but for them and we're finally to a point where it's happening.”

To think, all the time and energy that Kate spent dragging Jon's name through the mud on TV and Twitter can now be saved for her huge brood.

“I can take that emotional energy that was so wasted in that area and put it back towards the kids and taking care of them," she told Curry.

A novel concept. Let's just hope it lasts more than a week.


Really Kate! Peace with Jon, we don't believe that for 1 minute! We don't believe the kids want to start filming, that is so sad that a mother would sit their and lie so she could gain something $$! And risking her kids childhood for her glory. Kate is pathetic! That is sooo sad how she uses her few fans so she could have another show, maybe 2 fans told her she needs another show, Kate gets a BIG head when someone tells her something nice! She still makes attitude faces when they interview her. I wonder if "Today Show" booked kate and the lady thats addicted to tanning on purpose, to let Kate know if she keeps tanning she will look like that lady!


Don't kid yourself. It's all a publicity stunt. She is saying she has made her peace with Jon because she knows that she is a "has been" and thinks she is going to get another TV show. If she says she's made her peace with Jon, she's probably thinking that the networks will think she is a nice person, which she is not. And what is with that overproceesed stuff on her head. For what she probably pays to have that done, she looks like "you know what." Miss the kids, but I don't miss her.


The Gosselins are not missed--they should get a real life and job


Kate who?


I totally agree with Lela!!!! What fans are desperately missing them??? Kate is the biggest PIMP I know. You're a nurse get a REAL job!


Kate having peace with Jon + Jon giving permission for kids to be filmed = Kate begging on TV for a show! Thats what this is about. Kate once again backed Jon into a corner about child support so he gave permission for kids to be filmed. Therefore there is peace because Kate got her way!


Give her a break! It's tough raising 8 kids and without a supporting husband. I think she is doing great!!


She needs to get acting lessons for her and her kids if she thinks she is going to be popular.


She looks like a different person than she used to--very pretty! But I bet that personality is still lurking.........


Who is she trying to fool? Does she think that by getting back with Jon people will like her again? Does she think that by being a happy family again everyone will want her back on TV? She had a good thing and blew it. Glad for the kids that she has grown up, but I do not plan at giving her a second chance if she goes back on TV. I also do not think the kids should be subjected to that again either. They are much better off outside of reality TV.

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