Kate Gosselin: I've Made Peace With Jon!

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Are the years of public feuding between Jon and Kate Gosselin finally a thing of the past? She certainly hinted as much on the Today show yesterday.

Kate, who's still being stalked by some freak, told Ann Curry that she and her ex have made peace and are working together to raise their children.

"I can honestly say it's more peaceful than it's ever been," said the 37-year-old. "I feel that a really big weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

Despite all the bad blood - just last month, she hammered Jon for flaking on child support - Kate had nothing but praise for him this time around.

"He's really been positive and more available and it's just less stressful. I feel like he's been working with me more, and the kids notice," she said.

"And that's good. Because I've always just wanted that peace, not just for me, but for them and we're finally to a point where it's happening.”

To think, all the time and energy that Kate spent dragging Jon's name through the mud on TV and Twitter can now be saved for her huge brood.

“I can take that emotional energy that was so wasted in that area and put it back towards the kids and taking care of them," she told Curry.

A novel concept. Let's just hope it lasts more than a week.


You might try your own English class. "you might try an english class or two if your gonna try to make yourself look better than others." Specifically on the use of "your" vs "you're."


I agree with Linda. Kate tries to live off of other peoples money, that women does not know what its like to raise kids on her own, she has her ex husband to help, babysitter and money she could get out of her fans! Kate spend your own money on your own vacations! Don't depend on other people's money. Quit trying to be something your not. All these morning shows need to quit letting Kate on their networks she even uses them! She's a very sick lady....


Kate is a media whore. Who cares whether she and Jon get along. Disappointed that the media continues to give her air time.


Very sad. The kids think the only way they can go away on a trip is if there on TV. This is what Kate has them to believe. It's not that they want to be on TV but to go on a cool vacation. They don't know the difference.


She is mental. The kids probably wanted to know where they were going this summer and Kate told them that unless they had a show paying for it there was no where to go!!! Kate dangled that carrot to her kids! Shes not taking them anywhere on her dime...thats money for her. The only reasoson she has peace with Jon is that he agreed the kids could go back on TV.


One word- BITCH.


More digs at Jon. With Kate it never stops. "Really positive and more available." Like Jon was never available and now all of a sudden he is. I guess when Kate traveled the globe she was available?? "He's working with me and the kids notice it." Another dig by Kate. Yes Jon has to work with you because you are the boss and control freak. Its your way or NO way. The kids don't notice because kids love both parents Kate, not just you. Its ALWAYS about you!!!


I bet it pisses Jon off that Kate sits on national t.v. And lies about everything! Kate is wanting to get back on t.v. So bad she's using her kids, her ex husband and her few fans! I would say watch out Kate fans she will use you so she can make herself look good. Kate is putting menus on her web acting like she created them, knowing Kate she is probably getting recipes out of the web and acting like their her own recipes. That women is going around telling people how to save money by clipping coupons, I wonder if she used a coupon for her hair and makeover, it's wierd because everything she is telling people about coupons and saving money most of us already heard how to do it from the real experts. Kate needs to practice what she preaches! I think Jon's new girlfriend is a lot prettier than Kate and she seems like she has a good personality.


you guys are mean! i may not always agree with everything she did but she didnt do anything any more horrible than any other person out there putting their kids on tv. at least shes not dressing them like harlots and prancing them across a stage in the name of pagentry! geeze! give people a break! and victoria, you might try an english class or two if your gonna try to make yourself look better than others by bashing a mom who was WRONGED! that jerk cheated on her with her kids present! she has a right to be pissed off at him if you ask me! and next time you all start yelling get a job, you might add up daycare costs times 8 and figure out what kind of job she would need to get to make even enough to cover that plus gas! i have 8 kids and its nowhere near easy. i stay home with them and work hard in the home plus never go out with my hubby because we cant afford to pay a sitter that much.


Hey Kate, nut up and get a job. Maybe you can be a female impersonator, you tranny

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