Kate Gosselin Cruise Canceled Due to Low Sales

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Royal Caribbean's Kate Gosselin-hosted celebrity cruise has been canceled because of poor turnout and low ticket sales, according to reports.

The mother of eight was supposed to set sail from August 12-19 at a rate of $1,900-$3,175 per ticket. Astonishingly, there weren't many takers.

All cruise-goers have been fully refunded for the nixed event.

Kate Gosselin Facelift

Said a spokesman for the company of the Kate Gosselin cruise:

"Yes, that event has been canceled. We just didn't get the turnout that we desired and mutually we agreed that if we didn't get it, we would cancel."

"All ticket purchasers have been notified and been refunded. Some have chosen to continue on the cruise, but everyone was given the choice."

The reality star was apparently very apologetic at least.

"Kate asked for everybody's names, addresses and phone numbers and reached out to each one personally," the spokeswoman added.

"It was nothing to do with Kate Gosselin ... we needed to hit certain numbers to make it work and they just weren't where they needed to be."

It's unclear how many tickets were actually purchased.


Oh Sami, do tell exactly how Kate is working to support her kids... She has made money by exploiting them, has not had a real job since the six were born. At least Jon IS employed and he has paid up his child support. Kate is whining about being poor, about Jon not paying enough money and she sits on her big ass all day long.


sami is really kate trying to get people to think what she is doing is ok. the ends dont justify the means people have forgotten that


who would want to even meet her, she was such a miserable bitch to jon on jon and kate plus 8, she probably hasn't changed. she should think about getting a real job to support her kids instead of thinking she is some celebrity, which she clearly isn't.


Wow, you people are cruel! Why are you so mean? At least this woman is out there working and trying to feed and care for her children. Last I heard, John was behind on child support. I'm sure he's no prize either. At least she is doing things to earn money without degrading herself or her children like Octo is. Leave Kate alone. She is trying.


LOSER! Hope the kids have a wonderful mother's day away from you and your toxicity. Team Jon!


the kar ass ians should have bought tickets then kate and them jump overboard i would pay double for that.


Too bad her kids can't cancel their childhoods with her. Thank goodness they have their dad; at least he's not starving them


We all know the cruise was cancelled because no one is interested in Kate the fake! What makes Kate think she's all that? Kate needs to come down to reality and realize she is not a celebrity! Quit trying to suck up to your so call fans!


If I spend that kind of money on a holiday, the last thing I would want is to listen to hysterical Kate Gosselin OMG


of course the event was cancelled because of Kate - No one as paying to see her! The CRUISE was not cancelled - RC Allure of the Seas will sail on August 12. The SHIP is filling nicely. NO ONE bought the overpriced tickets that related to the Kate special events. And i find it a HUGE security issue to give Ms. Gosslin the addresses and phone numbers of strangers.


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