Kate Gosselin Cruise Canceled Due to Low Sales

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Royal Caribbean's Kate Gosselin-hosted celebrity cruise has been canceled because of poor turnout and low ticket sales, according to reports.

The mother of eight was supposed to set sail from August 12-19 at a rate of $1,900-$3,175 per ticket. Astonishingly, there weren't many takers.

All cruise-goers have been fully refunded for the nixed event.

Kate Gosselin Facelift

Said a spokesman for the company of the Kate Gosselin cruise:

"Yes, that event has been canceled. We just didn't get the turnout that we desired and mutually we agreed that if we didn't get it, we would cancel."

"All ticket purchasers have been notified and been refunded. Some have chosen to continue on the cruise, but everyone was given the choice."

The reality star was apparently very apologetic at least.

"Kate asked for everybody's names, addresses and phone numbers and reached out to each one personally," the spokeswoman added.

"It was nothing to do with Kate Gosselin ... we needed to hit certain numbers to make it work and they just weren't where they needed to be."

It's unclear how many tickets were actually purchased.


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Well...I think that the following 3 things are positive about that Kate Gosselin cruise fiasco:
1. All of those people who threw down money for those cruise tickets were actually refunded/reimbursed their money.
2. As for those people who are still going on the cruise...at the very least, they will all be spared from putting up with Kate's diva-like tirades.
3. Most of all, all of the passengers and all of the cruise ship's crew can enjoy the cruise in peace.


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