Justin Bieber to Face Criminal Charges For Alleged Photographer Battery?

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Gonna focus on the important stuff. the music.

So Justin Bieber Tweeted yesterday, following news breaking that the singer has been accused of battery by a paparazzi member who claims Bieber sent him to the hospital via a physical parking lot altercation outside a mall on Sunday.

Unfortunately for Justin, however, authorities aren't ready to alter their focus just yet.

Mike Tyson and Justin Bieber

This isn't the ideal time for a photo of Justin Bieber and Mike Tyson to hit the Internet.

Sources confirm to TMZ that the alleged incident will, indeed, be referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney for possible criminal prosecution.

Police have requested an interview with Bieber, who is currently in Norway, and the investigation is not yet complete. It's also not unusual for cops to refer any high-profile case to prosecutors.

If somehow convicted, Bieber could face six months in prison. For now, though, let's focus on the music, as Justin has requested, shall we?

Listen to his latest single, "Die in Your Arms," now!


Number 1. @Dear_Sunday and poop_on_miley, you're both stupid. Regardless, chances are he won't go to prison. Celebs can practically get away with anything especially one as high profile as Justin Bieber. But, it would be hilarious if he went to prison because the guy tries to act like a bad ass, and I'm sure his fellow inmates would clear that up for him really quick.


Kwaaaahahaha this paparazzi dude need 2sit down! Serusly.. hel. Pathetic


On behalf of the chastity club, I would like to say the paparazzi needs to get out of the sex god's face.
long live bieber #imyouronelesslonelygirl YOLO.


Justin bieber should don't allowed famous to get to his head


LOL....im sorry but battery??? How much damage could Justin Bieber have inflicted...we're talk n about a lil ass boy cus he's not a MAN....lol....Im most certain he will not be look n @ prison time!

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