Justin Bieber, Saturday Night Live Celebrate 100 Digital Shorts

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Justin Bieber helped Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone celebrate their 100th Digital Short this weekend on Saturday Night Live, but the teenager immediately regretted doing so after he learned just how the pair planned on touting the feat.

"Tonight we are celebrating our 100th short," Samberg sings in the following video. "Congratulations to us, truly a major milestone. Guess what we're going to do? Tonight, we're gonna suck our own c-ck."

Wait... what?!? Justin responds.

At various points, former Digital Short stars such as Natalie Portman, Michael Bolton and Jon Hamm also showed up.

So did Justin Timberlake, who, of course, is responsible for the most memorable edition of all-time. In case you forgot, we have four words for you: D-ck in a Box.

Host Will Ferrell joined in the festivities as well, concluding the video with: "I do endorse this song. My name is Will Ferrell and I'm sucking my own dong."


I think both of you need to go back and watch SNL. Every generation says their SNL was the best cast. But The show has always been the same. Hilarious comedians spearing the topics of today in some fashion. Most shows only have one maybe two sketches that are hilarious and memorable. The rest get forgotten over the passage of time so that all you remember are the hilarious ones. I will say it's time for this cast to move on though. Good to hear that is happening with Wig and Samburg leaving. Especially Wiig. With her gone it opens up to the rest of the stellar female cast.


I agree with Mr. Randy...the current SNL is sad and unfunny. The show's current writers seem to be in comas. And, some of the current cast members look like they're forcing themselves to perform. PATHETIC ALL-AROUND!!!!! Back in the day, SNL was at it's funniest and BEST in the 70's and 80's. My all-time favorite SNL cast members (back then) were Dan Ackroyd and Laraine Newman...lol. Peace.


I remember when SNL used to have smart humor and utilized "players" from several generations or age groups. That was 20 years ago. The current SNL is a sad un-funny show with skits that look like they were written by a seven year old.
Andy Samberg is not funny and I don't understand why anyone would think that he is. Has anyone ever seen"Hot Rod"? The new comics have zero appeal and generally they all look and sound the same. If I were involved with SNL I would either fire the entire cast and writers or I would simply put it out of it's pathetic pre-pubesic humor misery.

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