Justin Bieber Accused of Battery Against Paparazzi Member

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Justin Bieber has been accused of battery against a celebrity gossip photographer. But questions have already risen over the legitimacy of this allegation.

Justin Bieber in California

Here is what the paparazzi member claims in a police report: he tried to take Justin's picture around noon yesterday outside a mall in Calabasas called The Commons.

Bieber, who was accompanied by Selena Gomez, reacted in anger, some kind of physical confrontation took place and the photographer was taken to the hospital after complaining of upper torso pain.

Here is what actually went down according to witnesses who spoke to TMZ: The photographer was blocking Bieber's car; the singer asked him to move; and a scuffle did ensue when the "journalist" refused to do so.

But an attorney then approached the photographer and explained how he could get a lot of money if he called and ambulance and pressed charges.

No word yet from anyone in Justin's camp, while authorities are hoping to speak to Bieber and Gomez some time this week.

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That photojournalist is a lame


justin would never hurt anybody!!!!!!!


I read from a tumblr user that was there during the incident said the same thing as the witnesses and TMZ. She had photos of him and selena. And she posted only moments after the scuffle. I think Justin has this in his bag, yet again.


Who can this little"little girl boy" beat up somebody,he looks like a 10 year old,and his pathetic little body is pitiful.He should try and bulk up so he will look like a boy instead of a little cute girl.


If my 19 yr old gf was into Bieber that would be clear evidence that shes a lesbian and therefore not into being with a man. We would probably break up. That little boys' testicles havent even dropped yet, so how the hell can this story even be true?


After seeing the pictures and after seeing what he said to Selena he deserved it :L no one speaks to a women like that.... Dont mess with the Bieber ;) x


Bieber, I can wait to see you soon inducted into "The Hansen Brothers Silent Society" Some of the many members are Britney spears, Miley Cyrus, NSYNS, Backstreet boys, Paula Abdul, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, New Kids on the Block, Brandy.


the paparazzi dude just wanted attention and get bieber in trouble LET BIEBER GO WITH NO CHARGES HE HAS A TOUR FOR GOD SAKE!!


Ha! You are all acting ridiculous, you think you guys are more manly by critizizing Justin Bieber just because your gf probably wants him more then you? And I'd like to see you brats in a fist fight. Instead of making fun of him to inflate your sorry little ego, why don't you all just BACK OFF. As for the whole JB picked a fight with a paparazzi member, he would never do anything unless the paparazzi guy hit him, or purposely tried to hurt him. Their just trying to make money offJustin. Sad.


for the moderator....if your are not going to post my comment....at least send me an email why you didn't so i can edit it. Uncalled for... my comment should have been displayed. Otherwise your showing favoritism.