Justin Bieber Accused of Battery Against Paparazzi Member

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Justin Bieber has been accused of battery against a celebrity gossip photographer. But questions have already risen over the legitimacy of this allegation.

Justin Bieber in California

Here is what the paparazzi member claims in a police report: he tried to take Justin's picture around noon yesterday outside a mall in Calabasas called The Commons.

Bieber, who was accompanied by Selena Gomez, reacted in anger, some kind of physical confrontation took place and the photographer was taken to the hospital after complaining of upper torso pain.

Here is what actually went down according to witnesses who spoke to TMZ: The photographer was blocking Bieber's car; the singer asked him to move; and a scuffle did ensue when the "journalist" refused to do so.

But an attorney then approached the photographer and explained how he could get a lot of money if he called and ambulance and pressed charges.

No word yet from anyone in Justin's camp, while authorities are hoping to speak to Bieber and Gomez some time this week.

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Nice language everyone


I can't imagine being followed on constant basis so totally insane I am sure if you asked for a picture he would give you one but to almost attack him for a picture I wouldn't be happy either.


I would probably respect him more if I believed this story. But my 12 yr old sis is tougher than that skinny little wuss.


come peeps, you all are aware of how photography peopl work, this is actually what he wanted, so he can claim some money from celebs, he did it on purpose just for that reason. if it was'nt justin then someone else. throw it outa court and slap the phoyographer.


Blocking someone's car is cause for a beat down, that what he would have gotten if it was a regular person that he did it to. Justin should have taken the camera and bust his head wide open then take a picture.


What the hell is wrong with you people calling Justin and Selena names. So how many of y'all KNOW them? As in know them personally, talked to them and made up your mind about them? No one? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Just STFU about people you don't know. I'm not saying he's a good or bad person, because I don't know. I can judge his music, but not his character, and neither can any of you.
So stop calling him a little kid that needs to grow up. It's clearly YOU who should grow up.


To the haters you really sound jealous of Justins success. That's why you will never become anything in life yourself. While Justin laughes all the way to the bank! Now who's the asshole?


Anyone BLOCKING access to ones car, SHOULD be able to TAKE OUT that individual with FORCE if necessary. The papprazzi has been HOUNDING celebrities and ANYONE that they think will bring them $$$$$$$$$ for the photos. NOTHING lost, SOMETHING GAINED.... PRIVACY???
Charges are CRAZY. The camera dude ASKED for it and GOT it... NOT A CASE for the JUDGE/COURT to waste taxpayers TIME/MONEY. And I am NOT a Justin Bieber fan, BUT he did GOOOOOOD.


This Bieber kid is a spoiled brat that let success go to his head.
Who did he think he is?
Gomez plays ''dumb and innocent'' she's another jackass that goes out with litte boys.She's 20 ...he's 18.Shame on you both spoiled brats....take care the hospital bill of this photographer.If is not for the PAPPARAZZI to take your pictures...you will never know what success is....Spoiled brats...with a lots of money.Shame on you both.


Justin Bieber is such a little dweeb that he should be happy anyone is paying attention to him. Go home and grow up you little asshole.

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