Junior Seau 911 Call: Megan Noderer, Girlfriend of NFL Great, Discovers His Suicide

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Megan Noderer, Junior Seau's girlfriend, called 911 shortly after discovering the future NFL Hall of Famer dead of apparent suicide Wednesday morning.

Police have ruled Junior Seau's death a suicide after he shot himself in the chest at his Oceanside, Calif., home, a suicide, so the 911 call isn't surprising.

It is as horrific and tragic as it gets, though. Be forewarned, as Nodereris so hysterical during the call she can hardly speak after finding Junior:

Megan tells the dispatcher that the 43-year-old athlete wasn't breathing when she arrived and had appeared to have shot himself "in the heart."

Authorities responded and attempted to revive Seau, but life-saving efforts were unsuccessful. Seau was soon pronounced dead on the scene.

Seau's family claims he exhibited no signs of depression before his death, but has since donated his brain to be studied for concussion research.

The star's tragic, shocking passing has renewed the serious debate over the link between pro football and lasting brain injuries to its players.

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Seems like maybe the Lord gave this guy more than he could handle. I don't like that saying. Is not true for all of these tragic stories of suicide.


I have played against Seau on many football seasons . He was a great player and he loved the game . He was an awesome all around player. My wife and I was looking through pictures while we were in Hawaii for the pro bowl . He held my twin daughters in his arms like 2 twenty pound weights. He was amazing to watch and amazing to play against . He will be missed by all that have came into contact with his hard hits and his wonderful presents of an awesome football player. My family and I pray for your children , parents , ex- wife and other family member comfort in this precious time of bearvenment . To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Weeping may endure for a night , but joy cometh in the morning. The Lord will never give you no more then you can bare. Rest my friend Jr. Seau


Is so sat


He was a great player and from what i've read, a true leader and mentor to his respective teams' locker rooms. Seeing his mother distraught on tv was saddening. My prayers go out to his family and friends...RIP #55


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The suicide rate among american males period is tragic,its like 75-77 percent of all the suicides are men:( sad


@Kathy, I completely agree, this is heartbreaking to listen to, but the suicide rate among the military is just as tragic.


Very tragic but sad that none of our men and women in uniform with traumatic brain injuries get this type of attention.